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(Written By Amy)

"Oh just look at those shoes Ashley!" said Mary-Kate picking up some of the most awful green and yellow shoes I'd ever seen.

" uhhh very nice.." I shrugged. Even a girls night out could not take my mind off my BEST FRIEND doing what she did to me. Scarlett and I had been friends since...who knows how long and for her to betray me like that hurt immensely. I stared at the shoes while still forming a plan for when I finally had to talk to Scarlet again.

"Okay, okay how bout these" Mary-Kate was holding up and even uglier pair of dress shoes straight from the wardrobe of a horror movie.

"Ohhhh I get it, you're try to make me laugh, not working!" I said folding my arms and almost falling over into the watch counter.

"Ash just tell me what's up? How can it be soooo bad that even shopping won't cure it" She said with a nurturing smile.

"Well I dunno..." We both walked out of Bloomingdales still talking "I guess it's just Scarlett and Will and no it's just Scarlett Will too! pshhh I don't know it's both of them!" We sat down on a bench in the center court

"First tell me what Scarlett did" Mary-Kate said pulling her new earings out of the holder.

"Well she betrayed me! you knew that!" I said starting to get mad at her again.

"And Will?"

I sighed "He was so absorbed in the POD concert, He really didn't realize that this is bothering me so much" I just sat there, saying it out loud felt better.

"Well for Scarlett, I say forget about her, no one wants a friend who betrays you! and for Will, well...honestly Ash, he didn't do anything".

"Hmmph" I disagreed. "He was just being a guy, you know how they are" Mary-Kate really did know the answer to everything. Here she was the younger one and always giving ME the advice, shouldn't this be the other way around?


"Hullo" I picked up the phone later that night.

"Ashley! I have been trying to reach you all night! What have you been doing?" It was Will!

"William, you know this was girls night out" I teased.

"Oh yea, that dreadful night a week, I have to miss you terribly".

"Yes that night" I said "Speaking of dreadful days...".

"Go on" Will said. I could tell he was suddenly interested.

"Well...I have to talk to Scarlett sometime, you know that X best friend who betrayed me? I am so scared to talk to her".

"Is this one of those problems mostly just girls have?" said Will, he obviously has no good advice for this one.

"Well why don't you come over" I said " I have a movie to be watched and a carton of ice cream to be devoured" I was hoping for an energetic yes to that!

"Betcha can't count till 5 before I'm there" said Will hanging up.

Chapter 15

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