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(by Amy)

“Ashley ASHLEY!”,

“Will WILL!” Will was running at me like he was being chased by a pack of wolfs.

“What is it?” I laughed.

“You’ll never EVER guess!” Will seemed really excited about something.

“Wanna bet!” I hugged the breath out of him. “So what is it all ready?!” I was definitely into the situation.

“Tickets! we got to...” Will hesitated. “com’n William! spit it out!, tickets to what!?” I couldn’ t help but laugh at him. “To P.O.D” Will smiled His biggest smile at me.

“Oh My God! nuh uhh!” I was shocked, tickets to the best band ever! “Uh HUH!!!” Will placed two crisp new tickets in my hand. I felt overwhelmed with excitement. I gave Will another great big hug, this time followed by a kiss, and proceeded to tell him my own good news. “Will I have good, no GREAT news too!”.

“As good as P.O.D tickets?, immmmpossible” Will joked.

“Very funny, my GREAT news is I tried out for the school play today. I was a last minute thing, not at all planned.” Will was still ogling the P.O.D tickets. “Will!”

Will looked up quickly “Ya?” .

I put my hands on my hips “Will ,were you even listening to me?!” He stared at my strangely “umm ya! you got a part in the school play! what part?” He seemed proud of himself for remembering what I’d said.

“No baby! I tried out!, I won’t know if I made it till a few days, during callbacks”.

“Ahhh I knew that” Will laughed STILL reading the tickets. P.O.D was and is his favorite band. Somehow, he got the idea that I love them too. I like them, but I don’t love them. “So when will this be?”,

“This Saturday!, it’s gonna be awsome Ashley!”

“I know it is Will, I’ve gotta get home, lotta homework...” I was kind of annoyed that he could care less about my good news, but I let it slide.

“Com’n I’ll drive you” Of course Will still had the tickets in his hands.


“ugh!” I slammed my Government book shut.

“What is it?” Mary-Kate was curled up on the couch also studying for semester finals.

“Nothing, I need some fresh air”.

“All right” She immediately got re-absorbed into Calculus.

I sat outside on the porch swing trying to relax. I had a lot on my mind. Did I get a part in the play? Will being obsessed with P.O.D and finals coming up. Next thing I knew I was fast asleep.


“HUH?!” I sprang up so quickly everything went black. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw Mr. Nelson, the neighbor, speeding off on his Harley. “Good thing he woke me up” I said to myself.

I had so much to do before finals. I stretched as I got out of the old porch swing, sluggishly walking out of the peaceful environment of the outside into the bustling noises of my families home. Mary-Kate was still studying. I decided not to bother her. I grabbed all my books and folders and went up to my room. I never had so much studying to do in my life, and of course it had to be on a day when I’m exhausted.

The concert was packed. Will seemed as excited as a little kid entering Disneyland. “Those are our seats!” Will was practically dragging me to the first five rows area.

“And good ones I might add” I stated happily.

We took our seats and Will got up again immediately “Stay here, I wanna get something”.

“What? A P.O.D mousepad?” I smiled sweetly.

“Ha ha ha, be right back” .

“Okay” I said as he ran off freakishly fast.

Will came back just before the opening band started their first song. He had a bunch of thing in his hands. That’s my Will, full of surprises. “These are for you” He said handing me a huge P.O.D sweatshirt and some other random P.O.D items.

“Thanks babe...” I said while admiring his gifts. The band started and we sat back to listen, well... I sat back to listen. Will stood up and...well lets just say he was “into” it. Of Course when P.O.D started *I..I feel so aliveee* Will could have burst a lung he screamed so loud. I have to admit I enjoyed every second, still wished he’d payed more attention to me.

Chapter 13

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