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"Remember that time Sarah fell out of the tree?" I asked Will, pointing to the tree I was referring too.

"Yup! It was so scary! I remember Mark saying she was going to go in a coma and never wake up! The ambulence came and everything!"

"Yeah! And it turned out she was fine. Just a little surprise at how quickly she'd gotten from the branch to the ground"

"Yeah! She just climbed out of the ambulence and climbed up the tree again!"

"Remember the expression on the ambulence peoples faces?!" I was laughing hysterically now.

"It was pretty funny" Will smiled then leaned over and kissed me.

The two of us were sitting on top of the junglejim. It was kind of uncomfortable, but the view was great. And when I was younger I used to spend pretty much the entirity of recess up here.

"Careful!" I said pulling back a little. "I'm only just keeping my balance here!" I said gripping onto the steel pole. It seemed that since the last time I was up there I'd developed a fear of heights.

"Want to climb down?" Will asked looking concerned.

I nodded "that would be nice" I squeaked.

He laughed and we carefully climbed down. Greatful to have solid ground underneath me I collapsed down on the saw dust which lined the ground. Will sat down next to me and suddenly got a mischevious expression in his eyes.

"Uh-oh!" I said. I suddenly remembered a time when we were eight. We spent like, half an hour flinging sawdust at each other. By the end of it we looked like walking scarecrows. We got in SO much trouble for it!.

He grinned and threw a handful of sadust at me.

It landed on my head and some went down the back of my shirt. "Yuck!" I said scratching my back "You are gonna pay!" I picked up two handfuls and flung them at him.

We ran around the playground throwing sawdust all over the place. Like when we eight, we ended up with sawdust clinging to our clothes and stuck in our hair.

Will laughed and pulled a piece out of my hair "You look bad!" He said

"Gee thanks!" I punched him (gently of course ;)) "Well... you look worse!" I responded.

He winked "Great comeback!" He said before running a hand through my hair and leaning in to kiss me. I kissed him back and it was a great kiss. Unfortunately it was rudely interrupted.

"This is private property!" I voice said.

"Uh-oh!" Will whispered "Janitor Marcus!"

Janitor Marcus was just that.. the Janitor. He was rather eccentric, rather crazy, and VERY strict! The children in the school all told these dumb, scary, horror stories about him. And even though we knew they were all untrue Will and I were still kind of scared of him!

"Run!" I screeched

Chapter 12

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