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“HAHAHA” I laughed hysterically. Will always did make me laugh.
“you think that’s funny? try this!” he got out of his chair at the restaurant, got up on the table and stood there with a straight face.
“Will come down! now!” I was so embarassed, everyone in the restaurant was staring at him and laughing and pointing. It started out when I grabbed my compact and put some make-up on at the table. He thought it was because I care what others think too much, perhaps he’s right. Anyway! he is showing me that he can make a total fool of himself and not be embarassed. Just another wonderful thing about him. “get off of there Will, I get the point” I said in hysterics.

Finally Will got down, I thought I might die laughing. The date continued to be a crazy one when Will responded with “oh just a burger and fries” When the waitress asked what he wanted. The funny part is we were at a fine Italian restaurant.( My favorite! )The waitress did not have a sense of humor.
Finally! our food came. We were just staring to dig in when I’d noticed a familiar mop of red hair in the distance.

“Will, my friend Scarlett’s here” I said still trying to see who with. Although nothing could have prepared me for it, but it all added up now. She was with Brody and she is the one he was kissing!!!. “I think I’m gonna be sick Will, she’s the one I saw cheating on Brody, this means she didn’t know about you, but kissed whom she thought was MY boyfriend! What a friend.” .

“But scarlett is your best friend, she would never do that to you” Will was now eyeing them both as well.

“But she did” I sighed. “Wait a sec, the hostess is sitting them over here! nooooo” Will and I almost said that at the same time! As she brought them down our aisle, Will and I hid our faces and looked toward the wall, practically laughing, but there was no use. They were seated over one row and two booths up, next thing we knew ...

“Is that Ashley?” said Scarlett.

“Is that that Phil guy?” said Brody. I saw Brody get up angrily and march to our table. “How are WE supposed to enjoy a romantic meal with you guys right here!?” he was so loud the whole restaurant could have heard him.

“By re-joining your date and ignoring us like we plan to do with you” said Will. Brody first looked at will red in the race, not from embarassment. All of a sudden he grabbed Wills shirt by the collar “You think that’s funny mama’s boy?” .

“Actually no, but I recommend it if you wanna keep her too!” Will was asking for it now. I couldn’t believe his bravery. Will is almost 5’10 and Brody 6’2. Brody could hurt him if he tried. I started to feel nervous.

“what was that?!??!” Brody pulled him closer. I looked around for a waiter or waitress. I had to get them kicked out.

“What’s the problem here boys?” said a man dressed like a butler.

“There’s not problem here sir except these two were disturbing our meal” Brody pointed at us. I rolled my eyes. Surely the nice guy wouldn’t buy it.

“Is that so?” he looked at as.

Next thing I knew we were being led outside and rudely told to pay for the meal we hadn’t finished.

“He’s such a smooth talker” I sulked. Will looked happy. “And your a smiling because?” I couldn’t believe him! We were about to have a romantic Italian meal!!! .

“I can’t possibly eat with them there anyway” he grabbed my hand “com’n, I have an idea”

He led me to his car where we drove to a nearby supermarket. He said “Wait here” winked ,and locked the doors. I sat in his car thinking he’d lost it. I guess we do have to eat. But still...

Will came walking back out with one big brown bag full of...something! Most likely food. He got in the car with a huge grin from ear to ear.


“Yes Ashley?” .

“err what’s going on” I almost laughed, he was so funny in some ways.

“Oh nothin, we gotta eat don’t we” .

“umm ya sure” hehe. I looked out the window, and just leaned back. He had gone crazy but it was okay, I find it cute.

“Here we are!” Will said excitedly. I jumped, I had almost fallen asleep.

“And where are we?” I looked around, what?! If I wasn’t mistaken we were at Creeping Meadow Elementary School, that would be where we first met as children. Could he possible be any more romantic? I figured the food was not for home now. I looked at Will, he was all ready running toward the old slide. We used to play on it at recess time. I ran after him while taking off my heels. I jumped into the sand, it was overwhelming. I hadn’t been back here for years.

Not since sixth grade.

“Weeeee” Will was going down the slide. I just laughed and found my old favorite swing, amazed it was still there! This night was going to be full of childhood memories.

Chapter 11

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