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(Written by Kat)

I sighed and surveyed the paper in my hand. This was my college application. This was one of the most important pieces of paper I'd ever hold. This was it!...

I filled out the last question with a flourish then deposited it in an enevelope. I ran outside and put it in the mailbox, just as Brett's black convertible sped up the street.

Brett is Mary-Kate's boyfriend. They've been together ALL through high school. They're practically married. *sigh* Me? I don't think I'll be ready for that kind of commitment for maybe... I don't know another 20 years... wait a minute! Make that 40!.. But back to the present...

Mary-Kate jumped out of the car. "You are the most selfish person I know!" She yelled back into it.

"I'M selfish!?" Brett returned angrily.

"UGH!" She slammed the door and ran past me into the house. Brett meanwhile sped away in a cloud of smoke.

"Weird" I said to myself. "What's up with that?"

Mary-Kate and Brett practically NEVER fight!

"Mary-Kate!" I called running into the house.

"Up here!" she answered from her room up the stairs.

"What was that about?" I asked walking in and flopping down on her bed.

"Just disagreements about our future" she said rolling her eyes.

"He still wants to go to college?"


The best couple in the world were at risks of breaking up. Brett wanted to go to a college in Canada. Mary-Kate wanted to go to a small local one. Which meant they'd be miles apart. Something neither of them wanted but didn't know how to solve. So they just fought instead...


"Hey Brody!" I waved to my boyfriend as I entered the 'blue cafe', my favorite hang out place.

"Hey baby" He said coming over and wrapping his arms around me. "I missed you"

I laughed "It's only been a day"

"A day... forever... what's the difference?"

I shook my head and smiled "You're too much"

"Who? me?" He kissed me for a couple of moments. "Too much about you" he corrected when he finally pulled back.

I know what you're thinking. Perfect boyfriend, Charming, and crazy about me (he's also REALLY cute), Well, he is, I guess. We've only been dating for a week so I can't really say. But maybe he's a little too smooth... I don't know... A little too something.

I just punched him lightly on the arm "Ok, Mr. Smooth talker, lets go join the others" I said starting toward a group of our friends who were sitting at one of the booth.

"Do we have to?" He said pulling me back into his arms.

I sighed a little impatiently "What would you rather do?"

"Spend time with you" He said kissing me again.

I kissed him for a few seconds then pulled back "Ok, we'll spend time together later. But now we gotta go hang out with our friends, cause we said we would"

He sighed "Fine"

"Thank-you" I said with a smile leading him by the hand to the table.

Chapter 2

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