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"We have to get back to camp!" I yelled. A loud crash of thunder made me jump and scream. I clutched to Sean's arm. He was shaking as well.

A bright flash of lightning seemed to drag across the ground in the next valley before disappearing.

"Oh man." Sean said. "We have to get back and get the others!"

We turned to run but only then realized we couldn't see a thing. We ended up having to run during the split second the world was lit from the lightning.

"OW!" I tripped over a branch spraining my ankle as I did so.

"Are you alright?" Sean asked, helping me up.

"I think so." I said, trying to walk on my ankle, despite the pain. "OW!" I said, collapsing again.

Sean caught me and picked me up in his arms. "I got you."

A crash of thunder so loud it almost defeaned us, growled from overhead.

"We need to find shelter" I looked up at the sky, just as it began to rain heavily.

As another lightning struck, I spotted a cave and Sean ran into it. He put me down and checked the inside of the cave to make sure we weren't some animal's uninvited guests. When he got back, he sat down beside me.

"It's clear"

"What about the others? I asked.

We both looked out the entrance of the cave where the storm was raging on, worse as ever.


"We can't wait any longer! We need to find Shelter!" I yelled to the others.

"Where?" Amy yelled.

"I don't know, start looking" I yelled.

"Do we split up?" Damien asked, he had an arm around Amy and was holding her close to him protectively.

"No! It's too dangerous"

"Let's stop wasting time and go!" Amy said.

Ashley nodded and we all ran off.


I was checking on Mary-Kate's ankle when we heard someone run into the cave.

"Danny?" Mary-Kate said.

Oh great...

"Yeah" He stumbled his way over to us and saw me leaning over Mary-Kate. Concern flashed across his face "Is she ok?" He asked me.

"I'm ok" Mary-Kate insisted.

"I'm not sure you are" I said quietly. "Where's Ashley when we need her?"

Danny glanced at Mary-Kate's ankle then out at the storm "I'll go find her" He said.

"It's too dangerous" I said firmly.

Danny didn't listen, instead just ran outside, disappearing immediately.

"He's brave." I said.

Sean just stayed silent and looked out the cave entrance


The three of us ran blindly through the raging storm, and just when we'd thought it all hopeless a figure appeared in front of us.

"Who's there?" I called to the figure.

"It's Danny!" He called back. "Come on! Mary-Kate's hurt. This way!"

We followed him through the pouring rain and the booming thunder until we found a cave. We found Sean kneeling by Mary-Kate who was holding her ankle.

"Mary-Kate!" I rushed over to my sister who was grimmacing with pain. "What happened?"

"I tripped over a branch".


"You alright?" I asked Sean.

"Yeah, I'm alright." He answered, looking at Mary-Kate. He still looked worried about Mary-Kate's ankle.

"How is she?" Danny asked.

"It's just a sprain."

"It still hurts!" Mary-Kate said wincing.

I shot her a sympathetic look.

Sean and I walked to the entrance of the cave "What is this?" I asked, looking out at the raging storm.

"It's nothing." Sean said. I wasn't convinced.

"Yeah... right..." I said.

Then suddenly, as quickly as it had started, the storm calmed. We all gazed out the caves entrance, as it suddenly became die time again. The bright light revealed the storms damage. The only reminder that it had even happened.
Chapter 10

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