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Why did I have to get stuck with Sir Grumpiness? Honestly! What's wrong with the guy!

I walked over to a berry bush and started collecting.

"Wait!" Danny said walking up behind me "They may be poisonous!"

"How would you know?"

He looked them over, obviously bluffing "They're not" he said with a nod "Don't worry you can collect them"

I just stared at him in shock. Talk about a power rush!

"It's a good thing you're with me you know." Danny said. "You never know what kind of things or animals live out here now."

He was obviously trying to make himself look macho and all protector like. I turned my head and rolled my eyes at him.

He then went a little quiet. I took this time of peace to collect some berries, but it didn't last long.

"Like I tried telling you before." He said, "I really think you're special and..."

I turned to face him "Thank-you Danny. That's nice of you"

He looked a little annoyed that I'd interrupted "Yeah, well..."

"It's getting late." I interrupted again, trying to look innocent. "We have enough for the next day atleast."

"Mary-Kate, you're not listening to me." Danny said.

"I'm sorry" I groaned inwardly "Go on..."

"Well, I really like you"

Oh great, how am I suppose to answer that?

"DANNY! MARY-KATE! QUICK!" Ashley's voice drifted towards us from the direction of the camp.

We raced over to Ashley, wondering what she was calling us about so quickly.

"Ashley, what's wrong?" I asked frantically.

"This better be good." I heard Danny grumble.

Ashley pointed to a little chipmunk sitting in front of our tent. It was looking at us, and tilted it's head sideways.

"That's it?!" Danny exclaimed.

"Shhh!" I said, "you'll scare it."

"We don't have time for this." Danny said irritated.

"What DO we have time for?" Ashley asked him even more irritated.

I glanced between the two. Fight ahoy!

Danny opened his mouth to say something but just then Sean came jogging over to us "What happened?" He asked in between gasps for breath.

"It's a dumb chipmunk" Danny muttered.

"Chipmunk?!" Sean said excitedly "WHERE!?"

"Oh, I forgot" Danny said sarcastically "The chipmunk obsessed one"

"Hey! Respect da chipmunk." Sean said.

"He's right over here." I said. He came over and stood beside me as we watched the little chipmunk look back at us.

It felt good to have Sean here, keeping me safe from harm... and Danny. I always felt safe when Sean hugged me or had his arm around me, even when there wasn't anything to be afraid of.

"This is pathetic." Danny said, walking away.

"I've had just enough of your attitude Danny." Sean said.

"I don't have an attitude!" Danny yelled. "I just don't want to waste any time. I have the best interest of our friends down below in mind, unlike you."

"How many times do I have to tell you?" Sean roared angrily. "I DO have their best interest in mind. But there is nothing wrong with us enjoying ourselves while we're up here! It's not like they're dieing down there! They have a months supply of food! Hello!"

"Now who's got an attitude?" Danny smirked.

"Let's go Sean." I said to him, trying to avoid a bigger fight. I took his arm and tried to pull him along with me as I walked away.

"What's wrong Sean? Too weak to fight me?" Danny smirked.

"Sean, don't." I said.

Typically, he couldn't ignore the dig. Sean pulled away from me and stalked over to Danny. Anger burning in his eyes.

He took Danny by the collar and pulled his arm back to punch Danny, but he stopped for some reason with his arm still pulled back.

"Go ahead!" Danny said, smirking. "You know you want to hit me, so do it already."

Chapter 8

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