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"Are you alright, Mary-Kate?" I said as I helped her up. She had a small scrape on her knee from where she fell.

"I've never felt so alive." She smiled.

I hugged her tightly and then heard Danny yell "Hurry up Sean!"

We both walked over to Danny and he was now yelling at Amy for who-knows-what reason. I had enough of Danny and it was time he realized that you won't get anywhere by yelling.

"Danny, can I talk to you for a second?" I asked him, atleast not wanting to tell him in public.

"Talk." He said.

"What's your problem?" I said flat out. "Where do you come off yelling at people like this?"

"If it were up to you, we would just run around like children and no work would get done. Or did you forget about all of our friends still in the shelter?" He asked, arms crossed.

"First of all, I haven't forgotten about our friends down below. Second, what's the harm in enjoying the sun and fresh air for an hour or two? We've all been stuck underground for five years. I think our friends can wait a little while longer while we run the PROPER tests to make sure it is safe." I said.

Damien was comforting Amy, whom was upsetted by Danny's yelling. Danny didn't look to happy right now either. Maybe it was a good time to get some work done after all.

"Damien and Amy, you guys are going to be in charge of getting the firewood today, ok?" I asked them both nicely.

They both nodded.

"We'll show them how it's done." Amy joked to Damien.

"Ashley, still working on those tests?" I asked. She nodded. I continued, "good work, keep at it."

"Alright." She said with a nod.

"I want to be with Mary-Kate." Danny said. "Some of us can decide our OWN partners."

I saw Mary-Kate open her mouth to say something.

"You wanna be with Danny?" I asked her.

"Sure, I guess.." Her expression told me different.

Not to cause further problems, I paired them together to collect food for the day.

"I'm going to try to find a clean water source for us to drink from." I said. "Everybody ready?"

The others nodded and we all set off.


We walked around the nearby forest and collected dead branches and leaves to use for the fire tonight. It was warm and humid outside so we took our time. It also gave me a chance to spend time with Amy.

"What do you think of the outdoors?" I asked.

She looked around her with a smile, in fact she looked like she was going to burst with happiness!

"I love it!" She smiled dreamily "This place brings back so many memories"

I sensed a story there "Like?" I prompted.

She smiled shyly "Well..."

I sat down on a log and patted a spot next to me for her to sit "Aww, come on. You can tell me!"

She smiled and sat down "Well... when I was 12, I went to this camp for the summer" She started "It was the most fun ever! I was heartbroken when it was over. But anyway, there was this guy at the camp who went to my school, and I'd had the biggest crush on him since I was like... I dunno 10!"

"Oooh" I teased.

She laughed "Anyway. We were supposed to be getting firewood one night, like you and I are now. But we started talking and talking and talking. And we weren't concentrating on where we were going. And we got lost..." She blushed.

"Really..." I said.

"Yea, we were lost for hours. We talked a bit more and all of a sudden, he leaned over and kissed me." She smiled.

I felt something when she said that. No, it couldn't be... am I feeling jealousy?

She looked away from me into the forrest and I forced myself to act normal "Wow..." I started "That's a cool memory" Stupid statement, tell me about it.

She nodded "Yeah" She stood up "Well we better start getting that firewood"

"Hey?" I suddenly asked "How did you two get back to the camp?"

She blushed again "They had to send out a full search team, they even got a search helicopter. Eventually they found us... at like 5am in the morning. Boy! We got in sooooo much trouble!"

I cracked up laughing "THAT is a good story" I laughed.

"I was only 12" She said swatting me on the arm "Gimme a break!"

"Sorry." I said, still laughing.

She gave me one of those scary looks and I stopped laughing immediately. "Gotcha." She said laughing.

Needless to say I was confused, so I just laughed. We collected a more firewood and went back to camp. We both decided to go back out for more so we all would have less to do tomorrow and Danny wouldn't have anything to complain about. We were walking around in the woods again when we heard something.

"It sounds like.... like a bird." I said.

"It sounds beautiful." Amy said.

We walked closer to the origins of the sound and saw two blue birds on a tree branch.

"Nature found a way." Amy said as she leaned her head on me, watching the birds as they sang.

Chapter 7

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