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I started to run back to the base as fast as I could. I could hear foot steps behind me, and lots of them. I couldn't lead them back to the base, so I took a side path in the woods. I soon found it was a bad idea. Of course they must have been used to the forest if they've been living up there. The chase was soon put to an end when I felt something sharp hit me in the back. I fell to the ground with a thud.


"That's weird" I said after undergoing a full search of the river where Sean was supposed to be "He's gone"

"But where would he go?" Mary-Kate asked, looking worried.

"This doesn't look good." Danny said, looking at the footprints in the sand. "Judging by these tracks, he left here in a hurry."

"This looks worse." I said, seeing an arrow sticking out of a tree trunk."

"Oh no!" Mary-Kate exclaimed.

Danny put an arm around her. Then looked at me seriously. This really wasn't good.

"Where could he have gone?" I wondered.

"It's ok Mary-Kate." Danny said. "I'm sure he's ok."


Amy and I had been sorting out the food supplies when Damien, Mary-Kate and Danny came back. They didn't have Sean with them. And they didn't look happy.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Danny helped Mary-Kate sit down and comforted her.

"Guys, you're scaring me." I said, not liking what I was seeing.

"We couldn't find Sean anywhere." Damien said. "We also found this sticking out of a tree." He said, showing me the arrow.

I stared at the arrow in shock.


I woke up and tried to move. But immediately was stopped by a sharp pain in my back.

"Don't move" A voice said.

"Where am I?" I asked, looking around.

"You're at our village." A young girl said.

"Why was I attacked?" I demanded to know.

"Bring the stranger!" A heard a man call. A second later, a big guy came in and pulled me out of bed.

My back was hurting and I could hardly walk.

"Wait!" The girl called. "He's not well enough to be out of bed."

"Quiet!" The man roared.

She cowered a little and the man dragged me from the tent. He dragged me over to where a guy was sitting by a fire place. Guessing by how everyone acted around him, this guy was their leader.

I was dropped on the ground, getting a face full of dirt. I looked around to see a bunch of kids with war paints and weird costumes. Looked like something from out of Lord of the Flies.

"Who are you?" The leader asked.

"First thing's first, why was I attacked?" I said, managing to sit on my knees.

I was struck in the back and fell face first again.

"You will not ask questions, only answer!" The big guy said.

"Stop it!" The girl said, running to my aid.

"Samantha, get away from him!" The leader roared.

She looked from the leader to me then backed away.

"Are there more of you?" The leader asked turning his attention back to me.

I couldn't risk telling them about the others incase they were attacked in the same fashion I was.

"No," I said, "I'm alone."

"I don't believe you" The leader said. He looked at me suspicously.

"Well I don't care" I responded, angrily.

I was hit in the back again. Not only was I getting annoyed with this, I didn't know if I could take that many more hits.

"You will treat him with respect!" The big guy roared.

"Stephen! Stop it!" Samantha yelled. "You're hurting him!"

Chapter 13

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