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Oh boy, I'm in trouble!

Danny, Damien and I looked at eachother nervously whle the girls did a huddle. All we heard were whispers and a few giggles. Once every few seconds, one of them would stick their head up to make sure we didn't run away.

"Guys, huddle." I said. We all got into a huddle. "What do we do?"

"What can we do?" Damien asked, he glanced back at the girls wearily.

"OK we've got it!" Mary-Kate called joyfully.

"We're dead." Danny said as the girls approached us with wide grins on their faces.

I decided to try and start a last ditch effort to save our skins. "Mary-Kate, have I told you how lovely you look?"

"You too, Amy." Damien said, catching on. "You're simply stunning."

"Boys" Mary-Kate said with a smirk "For once flattery will get you..." She paused "Nowhere!" She said with a bigger smirk.

"It was worth a shot." Danny said.

"It was nice knowing you both." Damien said.

Danny and I both said the same. We backed up while the girls kept walking towards us with those menacing smirks. When we couldn't back up any further, we knew we were in for it. We couldn't stall any longer.

"You have to" Mary-Kate started, gently tapping her hands together "Dance around the clearing quacking, and walking, like ducks, then you have to leap into the river yodelling" She smiled sweetly.

"You... have... to be... kidding?!" I asked in shock.

"Nope" She said shaking her head "Get to it" The girls walked over to their towels and started to dry off. I sighed and turned to the guys.

I grinned. "Ready?" They both nodded and smiled.

I turned around and we all marched in a very manly man's strut. We stood proud and firm on the beach. We faced the girls and smiled. "Alright men, let's show them how it's done." I said, making my voice deeper than it is.

In a split second, we went from manly-men to dancing idiots quacking like ducks. The only thing louder than our quacking were the roaring laughter of the girls. After a minute or two or quacking, we all yodelled at the top of our lungs and jumped into the cold river. We all got out of the water and were greeted by the applause of the girls.

"Very impressive" Mary-Kate was going red from laughing so hard. I stood in front of her, and glared.

"That.... was just.... so... FUNNY!" She managed to say before another laugh attack. The others joined in and soon we were all laughing.

"It wasn't so bad you know I..." Damien started saying. Danny and I both glared at him. "It was embarrasing... never want to do it again." we all laughed

"We should be getting back." Damien said.

"You guys go." I said, "I am getting tired of berries and fruit. I'm going to try and catch a fish or four."


"Shouldn't Sean be back by now?" I asked. The sun was beginning to set, and it had been hours since we last saw him.

Damien glanced over at me then around us "You're right" He got up.

"Danny!" Damien called out.

"Yeah?" Danny replied, walking up.

"Sean isn't back yet and it's been hours since we left him."

Danny nodded "We better go find him"

"What's going on?" Ashley asked as she walked out with Mary-Kate.

"Sean's not back yet." Amy said, worried. "Danny and Damien are going to go find him."

"I want to go too!" Mary-Kate said, right away.

"I don't suppose I can convince you otherwise." Danny said, looking at her.

She looked up and said "Not a chance."

"Alright then," Danny said. "It will be dark soon so we might have to camp there for the night." He turned to Ashley and Amy. "Are you two ok for the night?"

"We'll be ok." Amy said putting her arm around Amy's shoulder. "Right Ash?"


I'd been minding my business. Just fishing away happily when something went zooming past my ear. Just narrowly missing me. Needless to say, I jumped and almost landed in the river. After regaining my balance I looked around to see what it was that had almost hit me. I thought Mary-Kate must be in the bush throwing stuff at me, but when I turned around and came face to face with an arrow lodged in a tree trunk, I knew it couldn't be her.

Um, uh-oh?

Chapter 12

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