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Sean, Danny and Damien slowly stepped out of the cave entrance. They looked at the sky and looked around.

"This is weird." Damien said.

"I think we should move out base over here, just outside the cave. If we get another one of these freak storms, we won't have that far to run." Sean said.

The others nodded and started work. I meanwhile, wandered around assessing the damage. I eventually found my way back to the clearing where Damien and I had listened to the bird. I was looking up at the tree it had been in when I heard a little chirp.

I turned around and l followed the sound, I soon found the small bird standing on the ground, one of it's wings on a strange angle.

"Oh" I whispered, I gently reached out my hand. The bird didn't even try to run, guess they'd never encountered humans and didn't know to be afraid. I scooped it up and headed in search of the others.

Mary-Kate was watching as the others worked on rebuilding the shelters and getting everything organized. She desperately looked like she wanted to help.

"Ashley!" I said. "I found this little bird and I think it's hurt. Can you help it?"

She came over. "I'll do what I can." She started to wrap a small bandage around it's wing. The bird cried and opened it's mouth in the direction of the bandage.

"It's ok little fella." I soothed.

"What have you got there?" Danny asked walking over.

"It's a little bird that Damien and I were listening to when the storm hit." I said. Ashley had finished wrapping the bandage around it's little wing.

It looked at the bandage and tilted it's head at different angles. It hopped up onto my finger and crawled up my arm and sat happily on my shoulder.

"I think it likes you." Danny said, laughing.

"I like it too" I said smiling at the bird.


My ankle finally healed and I was able to help around the place. All of the fallen trees were cleared out and turned what we could to firewood. It was hot and sticky.

"How about we go to that river for a swim?" I suggested. There was a river about half an hour's walk from the grounds and the walk would be worth it.

Everyone liked that idea so we set off.

"Last one ins a rotten egg" Danny called (he was finally getting the hang of being a kid again)

"So start smelling" Sean said and started to run. The two raced each other all the way to the waters edge.

"I'm going to beat you." Danny said as he ran.

"You wish!" Sean said as he jumped up.

Danny jumped right after and they both hit the water in giant splashes. Sean and Danny both rocketed up and sank back into the water after being submerged briefly.

"MAN THAT'S COLD!" Sean said.

"I'm not going in if it's cold!" I said.

"Oh yea?" Sean said with a mischevious grin. He ran out of the water and towards me.

"NO!" I squeaked as I turned to run.

It got to the point where the only place I could run was into the water. Either I went in myself or was thrown in. I paused to decide what to do.

"Gotcha!" Sean yelled as he gave me a big hug.

He was freezing and I shrieked. He picked me up and walked into the water, going just deep enough so i wouldn't get wet. He turned and faced everyone still on the beach, and Danny who was standing near the shore.

"Judges?" Sean said with a smirk.

Everyone held their hands up and gave a thumbs down. I had a feeling I didn't like what was about to happen.

"Nothing personal." Sean said, before letting me go. I hit the water with a big splash.

I came up shrieking "You jerk!" I yelled hitting him. He began to quickly swim away and I splashed after him.

"Damien! I need backup!" Sean yelled to Damien.

"No way man! You're on your own!" He answered. "AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!" he yelled a second later.

I stopped splashing after Sean and looked to shore. Turns out that Amy gave Damien a soaking.

Seconds later full blown war ensued. Guys against girls. Amy and Damien (I was getting about curious about them), me and Sean, and Ashley and Danny (for lack of anyone else to fight with)

After an interesting fight, the guys finally surrendered. As a price to pay for their surrender, we get to make them do anything we want. It was only one thing so we had to make it good.

Chapter 11

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