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"Nik'la have you seen Sean anywhere?" I asked Nik'la as she walked past me in the hallway.

Hallways, man never imagined I could become as sick of them as I was. This place seemed to consist of solely hallways. Hallways and small, windowless rooms. We were like caged animals, not children. But circumstances were cruel. A meteor had hit the earth, completely wiping out all life, if we hadn't been inside the shelter we would have died. We, us 100 kids and some animals, are the only living things on this planet. And we're trapped underground, since conditions on the surface are too cruel for us to survive there.

"Planning on being a poet Amy?" She asked with a wink "Um, yeah. I think he's in the main room"

"Thanks" I said, and started in that general direction.

"Sean?" I asked as I walked into the large circular room us kids had named 'The Main Room'. I soon spotted Sean standing with Danny at a table in the corner. The two seemed to be arguing.

"Sean?" I repeated as I walked over to them. He and Danny turned to face me. "What's going on?" I asked.

He sighed "The food supplies are going down quickly. We'll be out of food in a couple of months"

I stood there in shock the seriousness of the situation was too much to put into words.

My attention was brought back to reality once Sean and Danny started to argue once again.

"We have to go up top!" Sean said

"It's suicide up there!" Danny added. "We'll die up there!"

"If we don't do something, we'll die down here too." Sean added a little calmer. "Being stuck down here and all, it almost feels like I already died."

I could understand Sean. Being stuck in this shelter did feel a little weird when you stopped and would think about it.

I decided to leave them to fight it out, something they did a lot lately.

"Sean" I tried to get his attention "MK wants to see you sometime." I paused for a second "She really isn't doing too well."

Worry flickered in his eyes and he nodded. "We need to go up" he said looking at the ceiling "She won't survive down here" He said quietly.

I tried to hold back tears, his words were the truth, as much as I didn't want to face it. I turned to go.


"What makes you think there will be food up there on the Cursed Earth?"

"What makes you think there isn't?" I said.

"The meteorite wiped out all life on the surface, or have you forgotten that." He said.

I looked at him angrily "I have been living down here in this cage for the last 5 years without sunshine or fresh air. Everything I knew was wiped out when that hunk of rock hit our planet. Don't ever ask me that again." Then I calmed myself down, I didn't like losing my temper like this. "When the first meteorite hit the Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs, nature recovered and grew back. Maybe it happened again."

"Maybe it didn't." He said.

"I'm tired of you being so negative all the time! If you don't want to contribute, then keep your mouth shut!" I scolded.

"I'm just reminding you of possibilities!" Danny yelled back.

I was about to yell a reply, but I stopped. "I've had enough of this. I'm going to go check on Mary-Kate."


"Come on Mary-Kate, you gotta drink it" Ashley insisted as she handed me a glass of water.

I turned my head away and coughed a little.

"MARY-KATE!" Ashley took on her motherly voice "Stop being a brat and drink the water!"

There was a sound of door opening and Amy walked into the room. "Drink the water" She said sounding tired.

I sighed and took it from Ashley. I don't see why they bothered calling it water, it was disgusting, horrid stuff that tasted like anything BUT the water I remembered.

But that was back then. Back before we started living in this HIDEOUS place!

"I hate this stuff." I said after I handed the now empty glass back to Ashley.

Ashley sighed and went to take a seat as the door opened and Sean walked in.

"Hey Sunshine." He said to me with a smile.

Great choice of words.

"Hey" I said quietly, going back to staring at the wall.

Ashley motioned to Sean and the two walked outside, probably to talk about me. Great!


"She's not doing too well, Sean." I said to him. His gaze went to the floor for a second and then towards the door leading to Mary-Kate before he looked back at me.

"Is there anything I can do? I feel so helpless." He said.

"There isn't anything we can do until we find out what's wrong." I said.

"You still haven't been able to find anything?" He asked me.

I shook my head in defeat. I put a hand on his shoulder. "I've kept you long enough. Go in and see her."

Chapter 2

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