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"Oh no!Marykate!"she yelled

Mary-kate came running in there

"Yea we saw them hurry ike said we could escape thru the back"

They all ran towards the back and hopped in the limo

"Ow man thats the end of mine and jennys friendsship"

"hey dont be to harsh if you were a fan you would tell wouldnt you?"aaron said

"Well maybe,but still"

" So where are we going? "

" Well, you probably noticed Kirsten wasn't here today? " Ike said " She's trying to get this big business guy to sponser our first concert. I was gonna go pick her up then you said about the fans so now we all are! "

"Ok cool,does anyone have a watch?"

Ike told her the time

" After you pick up Kirsten could you drop us off at home? " She asked " Or we'll be grounded till we're 40! "

"Phew i didnt think we would make it!"mk said

"Yea i know it was close"said her sister

"Guess whose b'day im going to on(whenever it was)______?"

"Um thats a hard one!"ashley said"Zac!"

"Yep he invited me today, now i hope dad will just let me"before she could finish there dad came in

"Dad will let me do what?"there dad dave said

"Well you know when i had a crush on that boy from hanson well he asked me to his party and i really wanna go"mk said putting on her cutiest face

"You mean that boy who looks like a girl?"he said


"Mary-kate"there dad said laughing "Ok i guess you can go but tell him to get a hair cut"he said laughing

"Thanks dad!"she said running to hug him

"Ya but how much homework have yall done?"he said

"Oh we were just about to get started!"

"Ok well homework first, then you can talk on the phone or whatever it is yall do" he said walking off

The Next day Zac picked up Mary-kate and they went to the house he and his family had rented while being In California.

" Prepare for the Zoo! " He said to her

" Don't worry I come from a big family too! "

They went inside

" ZAC!!! " A little girl screamed throwing herself into his arms.

" This is my little sister Zoe " Zac said

" Nice to meet you Zoe " Mary-kate said smilng at her....

"Is this that girl youve been talking about zac?"she said

Zac blushed "Zoeeee"

Zac introduced Mary-Kate to everyone else in the family. They had dinner and Mary-Kate saw what he'd meant by the Zoo. Big families! Big Noise!

She thoroughly enjoyed herself though. And was quite sad when the evening was over. When she got home....

mary-kate arrived at home and Told Ashley all about her night. They were laughing about what Zoe had said when the phone rang.

" Girls it the director of your new movie " Their father said handing them a cordless phone.

" Great! " Ash said to Mary-kate " Maybe now we'll finally find out what it's about! " She put the phoen on speaker so they could both here.

The following conversation would be too long to type out so I'l just type a summary. Their Director Sam Snell explained to them. That in their story they would play twin sisters ( Of course! ) Kirsten would play their older sister. And Isaac Hanson ( they'd just arranged it before ringing the twins ) would Play Kirsten's girlfriend.

Mary-kate smiled at Ashley when she heard that. It sounded very close to real life. Haley Joel Osment would play the slightly pesky little brother and Aaron Carter ( another new arrangement ) would play his bestfriend. Who also happened to have a crush On Mary-Kate. Then last but not last Gregory Smith would play Ashley's best friend. Who she had a crush on and who also had a crush on her but they hadn't got around to telling each other.

In the story the kids were flying to Alaska to meet their parents for their summer holiday when their plane crashes. Somewhere high in the mountains of Canada. The group had to survive on their own. Since the only adult ( besides Ike and Kirsten )the captain was hurt and had to be left in the plane.

The twins, Kirsten, Haley, Hanson, Gregory ( basically all the cast ) were flying up to Canada next week to start filming.

" A pilot will fly you up there and you'll be met by me when you get there. " He said and told them where to be at what time.

" Would it be ok for my Friend Jonathon to come with us? " Ashley Asked.

" Sure, So long as it's only him " ...

a little later on they hung up.

This is gonna be so cool. Ashley said and proceeded to ring Jonathon.

The next week...

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