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The twins slowly walked to school the next day. Half asleep since they had got up early that morning to do their homework.

" I SOOO don't want to go to school today " Ash said to Mary-kate

" Me either " Mary-kate said with a sigh.

"I dont even think i did my homework right cause i was so sleepy"mk said

"I know i cant rember if i did history or math"ashley said letting out a sigh

"Yep, but one good thing is we still get to meet everyone"

"Yea,but can u believe dad grounded us?"

"Noway thats like so harsh,well next week we get to go back to moms"mk said "you know my ankles feeling really good! I cant wait to go back and show the doctor"

"Mhm,Oh man darn i had a date with Jonathon tonight" she said "Well hopefully he will understand"

"if he really likes you he will understand,and trust me he really likes you"mk said smiling

ashley blushed "Hey you shouldnt be talking, what about you and zac?"

mk smiled "Well i like him alot but i dunno if he does the same to me"

"I think he does,woah were already here"

They walked inside just as the bell rang.

"few that was close"ash said

"Good luck"The both said and walked into there different class rooms.

during class mk fell asleep and got in alot of trouble while ashley turned in the wrong papers for history and had to do extra homework. at lunch they sat with a couple of there friends but mostly kept to them selves until ashleys best friend morgan says" so ash how are you and that babe makin out?"

"Well probley alot if they ever got that first kiss in"christal said laughing

"Ha Ha im rollin over here yes we kissed but im not the only one"she said lookin at mk

"Mk u kissed jonathon too ?"said jenny(shes like an airhead ok?)

"No i kissed Zac from Hanson!"mk said.

they all squealed

" You're kidding!!!! " said Jenny " I won't believe it till I see him... So when can we meet him? "

" Hey I never said you could " Mary-kate said

" Fine then I'm not talking to you " She flung around. MK just ducked into time to miss getting a mouth full of blond hair.

" WOW! " Ashley said " She gets shallower each day! "

" Tell me about it!!! "

"Wait up jenny!We didnt mean it like that!"mk said

"Yea sorry"said ashley

They ran after jenny.

" Ok I really don't know what you're mad about " Mary-kate said

" The fact that you won't introduce me to Zac! "

"Oh please ill intorduce hi to you when we get a chance"she said sighing

"Ok "jenny said just as the bell rang "Man i wish my ears would quit doing that!" They all laughed "Jenny that was the bell"morgan said after school marykate and ashley went to meet there friends just as they were about to enter the studio(or where ever they were gonna meet...

... Jenny came running up behind them.

" Hey guys what's up? " she said

" What are you doing here? " Mk asked

" I came to meet Zac! "

"Noway you cant be here!"mk said

"Why not u said i could meet him"

"Ok stay out here, ill go talk to him"


"Hi guys"they both said

"Hey"they all replied

"Zac can i talk to ya?"mk said

" Sure "

" Um... well, My friends here and she really wants to meet you. "

" I don't mind meeting her where is she? "

" Outside but warning she's a major airhead "

He laughed

They walked out side

"Jenny this is zac"mk said

"Hi"he said

"AHHHHHHH" she said screaming "Mk you werent lying!"

Both Mary-kate and Zac had to hold their hands to their ears to block out the pain.

" New Memeber of the scream squad? " Tay asked walking outside.

When Jenny saw him she screamed even louder. Tay's hands flew to his head " OW!!!! "

"Look jenny if you dont stop screaming there gonna go back in!"mk said

"Yea but if your quiet ill get all my bros to sign it plus billy gilman if u like him,k?"

"AAAAAhhhh"she said screaming "I mean really sure that would be great"saying it very calmly

"Ok stay right here"

"No prob!"

Tay and zac walked in side

"Oh my gos mk u werent kiding!"jenny said "wait till everyone at school finds out!"

Then it dawned on mk 'Oh no'she thought 'If she tells then everyone will follow me and want to see him, well never get anything done' she was starting to get very worried

" No, Jenny You can't tell anyone! " Mary-kate said.

" I can do what I like " Jenny said really obnoxiously.

"Look jenny if you tell everyone will wont one,than yours wont be special to anyone at all"mk said

The guys came out with the signed album.

" I guess you're right " Jenny said " I won't tell anyone. Thanks you guys " she said looking at the cd.

" Well I better go...Bye! "

She ran up the side walk

'Shes gonnna tel i just know it'thought mk


Once they went back insde....

" Hey, Mary-kate " Zac said " I was wondering if you'd like to come to my birthday dinner tomorrow? "

" So you are having a party? " She said with a smile.

" Not really. It's just a family dinner. Though it's the same amount of people as a party! "

" Sure I'd love to come "

" Ok I'll pick you up tomorrow "

"Cool!Hey listen sorry i havent been paying ,much attention to you lately"she said

"Thats ok"


"Jonathon about our date tonight"she started saying

"You dont have to explain i heard you were grounded"

"Really how?"

Before she could finish...

She heard a sound from outside. She looked out the window and saw, like 30 girls all standing out there and giggling...

Chapter 9...Teenies and an escape!