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" Oh I'm certain you did " Jonathon said with a smile. Billy looked like he wanted to disappear!

"Gees ikes sure on the phone a long time"said tay

They all looked over at Ike. He was standing by the phone whispering something with a really goofy expression.

They all felt kinda sick!!!

" Well it looks like we could be here for awhile " Aaron said. Turning back from looking at Ike.

" A Looooooong while " Billy agreed.

"Ike!"tay said walking over to him

"Come on your pizza is getting cold!"

"Go away!"he said "No not you Kristen"

" Kirsten? Kirsten? " he asked. Tay could hear the sound of the dial tone and decided it was a good idea to get away from his brother who would likely be very mad.

" TAY I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!! " Ike yelled moving toward him. Tay ran for the door.

Ike followed

Jonothan rushed up to him

"Ike chill ashley will talk to her right?"he said looking at Ashley

"Yea, sure ill call her now"

" Hey Kirsten " Ashley said " It's Ashley. I just wanted to explain about a few minutes ago. " She explained that Ike had told tay to go away not Kirsten. She then handed the phone to Ike.

Ike gave Tay a look easily translated as " You get away with it this time. But next you better watch out! "

" Uh! Brotherly love " Mary-Kate said indicating the two brothers " Doncha just love it? " They all laughed

---By Danielle---

( Ok it got kinda confusing here cause I ( kat ) posted at the same time as Danielle and our stories clash but,oh well! )

It was getting late, so everyone went home. When the girls got home, Ashley rushed to her room to call Kirsten. (Is Mk ankle still sprained?). It took Mary-Kate a little longer, because of her ankle. Ashley quickly dialed the number. Kirsten picked up.


"Kirsten it's Ashley." she said.

"Hi. Listen can we talk tommrow. I got in a fight with, well you probaly know." she started.

"That's why I'm calling. He wasn't talking to you when he said that. He was talking to Taylor. He was bugging him, while you guys were on the phone." Ashley stated.

Mary-Kate finally made it to their room. She sat on her bed to finish up her homewok that was due the following day. They've been so busy with their new friends, they haven't had time for school work.

"So are you and Issac dating?"Ashley asked.

"I'm not sure. I like him, but I'm not so sure if he likes me." Kirsten said.

"Are you nuts? He's crazy about you. You should have seen the look in his face when you walked into the room. I think you should call him." Ashley said.

Mary-Kate looked at the clock. "It was 10:30, close to their bedtime on a school night. That meant their father would be entering soon to see if their asleep. Once he finds out they didn't due their homework, their going to be in deep trouble.

"Ashley did you do your homework?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Kirsten I have to go. My master has spoken." Ashley said glaring at Mary-Kate. Kirsten giigled and said bye.

"Why do you care if I did my homework?" Ashley said.

But before Mary-Kate could answer, their dad opened their door. Both girls looked up. He noticed their room was a disater, both girls were awake, and homework wasn't finished.

"Look at this place. What did you do, set off a tornado. It's 11:00. You should be snoring by now!" Dave started.

The girls looked at each other then back at their dad.

"We don't snore!" Mary-Kate said.

"That's not the point. And here's the million dollar question. Why are you awake?" he asked.

"I was...just... finishing up some homework." Mary-Kate said.

He looked at Ashley.

"And I was just making a very imporatnt phone call dad. No big deal." Ashley said. Dave smiles. The girls smile. Now he frowns, so do the girls.

"Tommrow is Monday. A school day. How many times do we have to go over this. On school nights, your curfew is 9:30. Your bedtime is 11:00. Homework is to be finished Friday or Saturday or Sunday morning the lastest, not sunday night. As for phone calls, there is none to be made or recived after 10. Now after school I want you to come home, clean up this mess, and stay here, because you are grounded." Dave finished.

"But dad. We're suppose to meet everyone tommrow to disscuss the tour." Ashley said. Dave looks at the girls.

"At what time?" he askes.

"I don't know. After school." Mary-Kate said.

"If this is bussiness, you may go, but you are to be home at 5pm. That gives you three hrs. But when I come home from work I expect this room to be clean and you homework done." he said.

The girls smile and hug their dad good night.

"Night. I love you guys." He said.

"Love you too." Mary-Kate said.

"Love you." Ashley said.

The girls went to bed hoping tommorow wouldn't come. They didn't do any of their homework. The only thing they were lokkong foward to was meeting their friends after school.

Chapter 8