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"Where do u wanna go ashley?"

Anywhere mks not! she thought "Umm do u like the arcade?"( Ok i couldnt think of anywhere)

"Yea sure lets go"he said

When they got to the arcade ashley saw marykate laughing her head off with zac "On second thought wouldnt you rather go hang in the food court?"

"Yea thats great to,do you want anything?"

"Um how bought a m&m cookie at Great American Cookies?"(Yummmmmm)

"Yea ill go get it"

"Ok ill catch up with you in a sec"

She walked over to the and started yelling at mk ".....

" WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!?!?!?!" She yelled at Mary-kate. Poor Zac just sat there looking as if he wished he were somewhere else.

"Zac and I were planning his birthday" Mary-kate said. " Anyway what's it to you? It's a free country."

For the second time that day.

"AUGH!!" Ashley said and stormed off.

"She's in a kind of unreasonable mood" Mary-kate said to Zac. He nodded.

"I heard that" Ashley yelled from the other side of the restaurant." And you're the one in the unreasanable mood!"

The other people looked back and forth from the fighting twins.

"Hey, aren't you those cute twins from full house?" One person asked as Ashley stormed past. She was too annoyed to answer.

"Whats up with you and Marykate today?"Jonathon said when she came back to the food court

"Oh nothing,you just saw that didnt you?"

"Well if i didnt see it i heard it!What happend to the "Dinamic Douo?" "Yea your right i guess i should stop fighting,hey im really sorry bout today"as she sat down......

"That's ok" he said " I fight with Billy ALL the time!!! It's kinda hard being the broke not famous older brother"

"Yeah that must be how Trent feels" Ashley said.

She smiled at him.

Jonathon smiled back. Then he started to lean towards her. " Is he gonna kiss me?" She wondered...

"Should i?"jonathon thought

He leaned a little closer...

she leaned closer jsut then something started flashing at them

"Ahhh what?"ashley said

they had two camera ppls there

They both sighed

"Guess we cant go anywhere,come on we gotta get out of here!"Jonathon said

They raced out to where the limo was.

" You have your own limo?" Ash asked.

" Yeah birthday present from my 13 year old brother " he said with a grin.

"Wow and you were braging bout me and mk!"

when they were in ashley said "Thanks for the great time today and I'm really sorry"

"Hey no prob. i like being with you"

They both leaned close and..............

"So Zac. What do you want to do for your birthday?" Mary-kate said. She SOOOO couldn't believe Zac had invited her to a movie then to the restaurant to plan his birthday. IT was her dream come true. Shame Ash had to do her best to wreck it

" i dunno"

"So what are somethings you like we could do skatiing,swimming(indor),bowling,anything youve got the money!"

"Yea i know*laughs*,im hungry want some fries?"

"Yea im starved!"

"So whats up with ashley today?"he said" I saw her and whats his name, Jonathon running away."

" Oh some reporters turned up" Mk said " luckily they didn't see us! "

" tell me about it " Zac said.

"Hey um what time do u have to be home?"

"Oh at 7:00, i told mom i was having dinner with you"

"Oh thats good, so tell me some stuff about you?"

"Arent we spossed to be talking about your birthday? as she thought:"What am I saying I've got zac right here and I wanna talk about birthdays?"

" OH Well... I really wanted to see you..." Zac looked at his hands " So I made up the thing about birthday parties"....

"Really?You didnt have to make uo something,i mean i would have come here just to see you to....."

"Really?" Zac smiled...

"Really,I guess i just didnt want to admit it."

"Admit what?"

"That i still liked you see when i was 11 i liked you and ever since we met you guess ash has been teasing me about it but i guess i still do"

He smiled even bigger. Leaned forward.. Like Ashley mary-kate found herself thinking " Is he gonna kiss me?"

"I think he is"

They leaned in and kissed

"Yes" mk thought

They leaned back and smiled...

There was dead silence

They looked at each other.

"" Zac said

" Yeah " Mary-kate said.

" They both looked at the floor. "

"So...."mk said

"Yea um what are you doing this weekend?"

"Nothing.........yet."she said smiling

"So u wanna go out,like on a date?"

"Ithought thats what were on?"

they smiled

"Sure you know i will."

"So u need a ride home?"


He got the limo driver to take her home.

When she got there she went up to her and ashleys room. When Ash saw here she stomped out of the room.

" I'm not gonna let her ruin my good mood" Mk thought

Chapter 5