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Mk ran after her "Look what is your prob today!I mean u went out with Jonathon so whats so bad?"

"Sorry mk i guess i was just really mad about u getting so much attention"

"Its ok,Come on i got lots to tell ya!"

"Me to,me to"she felt like she was walking on clouds a new boyfriends,a good sister,and a new record coming out things were gonna be great!

"So then what happened?" Mary-kate asked. They were sitting on the bed in their room. Ash was telling about when Jonathon had almost kissed her.

" An annoying cameraman came up so we had to leave"

" Oh yeah we saw those people "

" Just as well they didn't see you or it woulda been worse! "

" Yeah "

"We got to his limo where we finally got to kiss."So what about you there has to be stuff that went on"

"Yea turns out theres no b'day and he just made that up to see me!You were right i do still like him"

"I knew you did!"

"Oh gosh its late we better goto bed we gotta meet everyone again tommorow!"

They went to sleep.

Ash dreaming of Jonathon

Mary-kate dreaming of Zac

( I know sappy plus! )


"Oh Zac your so sweet!"said mk dreaming

ashley laughs

"Come on Sleeping Bauty(sorry)!"she slaped her leg lightly

"Owwwwwww!!!!!!!"mk screamed

"Glad your up!Come on Romieo awaits!"

Mary-kate grumbled something inaudible then got up.

They went down to the studio. They were to start work on rewriting 'Love Song' Mary-kate was very nervous about it.

She had no idea of how they could make it any better then it was. They arrived at the studio.

" Hey Zac. What's up? " Ash said to Zac who was waiting outside the studio. She walked inside the studio.

" Hi Zac " Mary-kate said blushing.

" Hi " he said

"We still on for tommorow?"she said


"Oh hold on Zac"she said cutting him off.She ran up to ashley "Hey why not call up billy and jonathon to see if they can come today?"

"Ok great idea, also wheres Kristen?"

"Um i dunno, I'll go see if zac knows"

"Ok Zac what were you saying?"

"Oh nevermind" he said

"Ok well do u know where kristen is?"

"No she went out with my brother last night but he wouldnt talk about the date so i dunno what went on"

Just then Kirsten came running in.

" Sorry I'm late " She said " My limo wouldn't start so I had to catch a taxi "

" That's ok " Michelle said

" So... Ready to start work on the planning? "

" Sure am! "

They went inside...

"Ok"ashley said, "I called billy and Jonathon but they said they would be here later cause they had to go some hwere" "Oh ok,so what should we do first?"said taylor

" Good Question. " Mary-kate said

" Since Jonathon and Billy aren't here " Ash said " why don't we start work on 'Love Song' and when they get here. We'll start planning the concert? "

" Sounds good to me " Kirsten said " I brought a book so I could just read until then... "

"But since your all here."

"Ok well how are we gonna do it? ike said

Chapter 5