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"Hey you really shouldnt put to much wieght on that,"said a very familier voice.

"Dad!"said Marykate as she hobbled over to him

"Hey pumpkin how are you?"he said as he placed the flowers in her hand.

"Pretty good considering the cercomstansis(sp?).Wow thanks the flowers are great!"

Ashely came over and hugged her dad

"Hey Sweetie,and how are you?"said her dad

"Great!"said ashley then she walked out of the room to go see her step siblings.

"ok i brought you your favorite"said the smiling dad.

"Yes,Chinese?"mk said

"You got it!"


Late that night while ashley lyed in bed she thought,"This is so unfair she gets flowers,food,and royal treat ment.Wait am i starting to get jelous?"She thought,"No way,"but the more she thought the more she became uncertin.

The next morning.............

... was a day for the twins to just relax. Which was good since Mary-kate's ankle really couldn't do much.

" So what should we do today? " Mary-kate asked.

" I dunno " Ashley said angrily " why don't you go and get some special treatment from someone " She knew she sounded majorly immature but couldn't help it. She angrily stormed out of the room...

"Ashley?"her sister said 'oh never mind'she thought in her head.

"Mrs.Ashley?"There maid said

"What!"she said agrly,"oh sorry Ruth i didnt know it was you."

"Thats ok,whats wrong ashley?"

"well its just mk is getting all of this attention and no one even speaks to me i mean dad even mad a special trip for her"

"Oh honey it will be ok youve gotta understand you sister didnt do this on purpose (Sp?)"

"Yea i guess your right"

"Ashley,oh am i interupting something?"said her mom

"Oh no i was just leavi

" Well what should I do today " ash asked herself " Hmmm I could play a game. NO I need Mary-kate to do that! AUGH! " She stomped out of the room.

She ended up going to see Jurassic Park 3 by herself. After almost screaming heself silly she decided to go to the cd store!

She was listening to a cd when she noticed Jonathon walk in the door. She thought about going over and saying hi but decided to wait and see if he'd notice her. She didn't have to wait for long.

" Ashley? " Jonathon asked.

" Yeah. HI " Ashley answered with a BIG smile

"So whats up?"he said,"wheres mk?"

"Oh she is at home,limping around"

"Oh well its surprising that she is not with you i mean you to are usualy inserperable(sorry i cant spell)"

"Yea,i know"

"So what are you looking for"he said changing the subject

"Oh nothing im really bored,what are you doing?"

"Oh cool same here,hey you know the new movie 'A night's Tale' just came out and i was wondering if u wanna go with me?"

"Sure! Just let me call my mom and tell her that ill be late,got a cell phone?"she said smiling,this was gonna be great!

"Sure" he handed her a metallic blue cell phone.

"Hey kewl color!!! I love blue!!" Ashley smiled.

"Yeah me too. It's my fav color"

"Really?? Neat!"

She rang her house. Mary-kate answered.

"OH it's you" Ashley said "tell mom I'm going to a movie with Jonathon"

"Sure I will and you're welcome!" Mary-kate said before they hung up.

" It's fine with her. Lets go Ashley said...

"Are you sure that was realy quick?"

"Yep im sure come on i wanna get a good set"she said running

ng"said Ruth

They raced to the movie theatre. As Jonathon brought the tickets. Ashley looked at the poster for a night's tale. The movie they were gonna see

" Do you think he's trying to look tough? " She asked Jonathon

" That or he just sat on a pinecone ( authors note: I don't have anything against heath ledger he's one of my favorite actors. Just that poster is soo funny )

They walked into the theatre still laughing...

When they sat down the movie got close to starting.They watched about 30 mins. Jonathon yawned and raised his hand and was about to put his arm around ashley.......

She hadn't noticed.

"Don't you just love this song???" Ashley asked as We will rock you started on the movie.

"Yeah it's neat" jonathon said.

He decided to just keep watching the movie...for now...

"Hey u want some popcorn?"Jonothan asked

"Yea that would be great" ash

After he left some girls behind started laughing ashley looked

"Jenny,Morgan,christal?"she said "what are you doing here!"

"Oh just watching a movie and u and that total cutie u got!"Morgan says

"Yea i think he likes you he has been trying to put the moves on you the whole time."Jenny said

"Really i didnt notice?" she said "Yea he is cute"

"Next time girl just let him go for it!"Jenny siad

"Here he comes"said Christal "Rember just let him go!"

Jonathon came back.

"Here I brought you this" he said

He handed her a chocolate heart.

"OH it's cute" she smiled.

He sat back down...

"Thanks!"she said

"Hey this really cool band is playing at The Shack Thursday wanna go with me?"

"Sure, just let me ask my mom,k?"

about then she heard a familiar laugh down the front of the theatre. Well maybe familiar isn't the right word. It was HER laugh. Which meant only one thing. She shot forward in her seat. Not realizing that Jonathon had been attempting to put his arm round her again. He lt out a frustrated sigh. Ash didn't notice. She looked around for the source of the laugh. Sure enough. A few rows ahead.

" Mary-kate!!!" She murmered " and is that..Zac!?!?!"

Ashley steamed,so did Jonathon.

"Whats wrong" he whispered

"Oh nothing"she said.except my ex sister is here!she thought. Ashley heard a snap behind her,she turned christal motioned for her to put her head on jonathons shoulder.

she thought: "Should i?"

she looked at him..' AUGH!!! I don't know!!!!' she thought.

"OH well I'll talk to her later" Ashley said. She sat back again and Jonathon did the same. She didn't feel comfortable about putting her hand on his shoulder so instead she rested her head there...

Finally Jonathon thought he put his arm around her.

Just then Zac and Mk walked up the carpet the started making kissing faces and noises.

Ashley fummed....

"Excuse me a minute" Ashley said.

She heard annoyed sighs from her friends behind her but ignored them. She ran after Mary-kate.

"Excuse me" She said to Zac "You don't mind if I borrow my sister for a minute?" She didn't wait for an answer instead grabbed Mary-kate by the arm and dragged her to the bathrooms.


"It looks like you were doing a pretty good job of it by yourself" Mary-kate said " And STOP yelling"

"UGH!!!!" Ashley Yelled and stormed out of the bathroom and back to the theatre...

"Sorry"she told jonathon

"Thats ok"

"Hey to make it up to you how bout after we finish this movie wanna get something to eat?"

"Um i dunno ill have to see what time it is"


They watched the rest of the movie in silence. Afterwards.

"It's 5:00" Jonathon said looking at his watch.

"Mum wants me back for dinner by 6:00" Ashley said. "So I've got time. Let's go..."

Chapter 4