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Turned out the people who kidnapped Mary-Kate were the same people who'd kidnapped Ike and Kirsten. the police eventually convinced the guy they'd arrested to tell them where everyone was being kept.


Later that day

" MARY-KATE!!! " Ashley screamed when she saw her sister get out of the police car.

" ASHLEY!!! " Mary-kate screamed and rushed over to embrace her sister

" I'm so glad you're ok " they both sobbed in unison

" Where's Dawn? " Mary-Kate asked when they finally stopped hugging

" They've put her in a witness protection programme that's all they could tell us. Nothing about her new identity just that she was safe " " Wonder if her life will be like 'our lips are sealed '

" Yeah I hope it will all work out for her "

" Me too "


A few days later back in California

I've never been just Looking for a reason.

So maybe you've been thinkin' Of me.


You've been thinking of me.

they sung the last lyrics of love song. Ashley looked around the room. All 3 hanson brothers were here. Including Ike. And waiting outside was Kirsten. She and Ike were officially going out now. Ashley was gonna meet Corey at the movies later that day. She still had some things to work out with Jonathon but she was happy with her relationship with corey. She looked over at Zac and Mary-kate who were talking. They were really happy together. She smiled when she remembered the look on Zacs face when he sang

Mary was a young girl. With a young girls heart

All I can remember was I loved her from the start

And the smile on Mary-Kate's face!

Well, this love song had definitely turned into one awesome adventure!