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Ashley explained the money to the policemen who looked grave.

" We'll have to put you in a witness protection program "

Dawn nodded glumly.

"Maybe she could get a new identity and live with us"ashley said "We will talk about this later we have to get mk"her mother said

" Yes, You should really think about that. It's a big thing to do " the policemen said. Ashley glared at him. He wasn't helping her convince her mum!

Dawn brightend "Hey i just remebered that once they said they had a hideout here in hawaii!"

"Where!"they all said

"I cant remeber excactly because it was like riddles like you kow how they do those riddles that leave you there clues and it helps you find it"while dawn said this ashleys mother went to the phone

"Hello Trent?"mrs.olsen said

"Hey mom whats wrong?"

"Theve kidnapped marykate"she said

"WHAT!?"he screamed though the phone

"Shhhh dont scare your sister"she said

"Sorry.Where are you we will come meet you there?"

"We are at the police station but i want you to stay there just in case they send a ransome note but im gonna send a police officer up there just to Be with yall"his mother said

"Well ok.Ill try to tell lizzie softy but it will be hard"trent said "Bye mom i love you tell ashley i love her too"

"Bye honey i love you and lizzie too!"she said "But dont answer the door if you dont know who it is!"

"I wont mom"

They hung up

" Lizzie " Trent called.

" Yeah? " Lizzie asked from her perch in front of the tv


"We have a little problem"he said "What?"lizzie said turning around "Wheres ashley,mom,and mk?"

" That's the problem " Trent said

Lizzie looked pale. Especially when the news came on and they started talking about Ike and Kirsten. She looked from the tv to her brother.

" What happened? "

"Well ashley and mom are fine there at the police station,but"trent said looking away "But what wheres marykate what happend to her!"

" She was kidnapped " trent said.

"Kidnapped?"she said "Kidnapped"he repeted Lizzie Dropped to her knees and began to cry "Its ok"trent said going down on his knees to hug her "Theyll find her" "But what if they dont?"she choked "Ike and Kristen have been gona for almost a week and they havent found them"

Trent wanted to say something comforting but couldn't think of anything. Truth was he was totally freaked out by the whole thing.

They sat and cried for what seemed like hours but really was only about 30 minutes.When they heard somene knocking at the door it startled them Trent crept to the door being very cautious nothing was gonna happen to him and his sister.He looked through the peep hole,it was just the police officer there mom had sent "Phew"trent said "Just the police officer"he said to lizzie

He opened the door and...

the policemen had been standing there but suddenly fell forward. When he did Trent noticed one of those darts they use to put people to sleep in his back.

" Lizzie Run! " he shouted.

"What!"lizzie said running to the door she saw the police man and ran to her mothers bed room slamming the door shut

Trent pulled the man in which took him a while since he was very heavy finally he was in trent closed the door, locked it, placed a chair under the door knob,and ran back to lizzie

" LIZZIE! Open the door. It's me. trent "

Lizzie opened the door tears streaming down her face.

"Quick you lock the doors and windows ill get a dresser and put it in front of the door!"

As Lizzie did that she asked " Is he d-d-dead? "

" No he's just unconcious Lizzie "

Just then they heard pounding on the door

"Lizzie keep quite"he said putting a fingure to her lips "Come on"she went in to the bathroom Trent grabbed the phone and followed her

While Trent rung the police lizzie opened the window.

" Come on! " she called.

" I won't fit thru that "

" Sure you will and it's not that far down "

Trent looked out the window

" If you call that not far. I don't want to see far "

" Don't be a chicken. We can climb down the drain pipe. " she proceeded to climb out the window.

"Lizzie keep quite"he said putting a fingure to her lips "Come on"she went in to the bathroom Trent grabbed the phone and followed her

Trent took a deep breath 'Why am i doing this he thought' then he heard the pounding 'Oh yea' he pushed lizzie come on they climbed out the window

He started to climb out the window. Then made the mistake of looking down.

" No way! " he said and started to climb back again. But then heard the sound of wood splintering and changed his mind as he heard the men looking thru the apartment.

" GO " He whispered to lizzie.

"Trent my foots caught on something!"lizzie said

Trent looked down and saw her Jeans leg was stuck on a nail. He climbed down past her a bit and unhooked it.

" Come on! "

Trent Olsen what are you doing!" a familer voice said

"Charlotte is that you?" Trent said

He looked down and saw her standing on the ground.

" Woah " he said as he almost lost his balance.

"Trent!" lizzie screamed

"Im ok,im ok"he said but he wasn't "Ok Lizzie get down now before they find us!"

Lizzie climbed down. And Trent well, fell the rest of the way. Thankfully, it wasn't too far.

" Are you ok? " Charlotte asked running over to him.

"Yea im fine" he said hopping up

"Quick they prob. already got through" lizzie said

"What are you talking about"the confused charrlote said

"Ill explain but we have to go NOW!"trent said they took off running

The girls followed. Just as the people in the motel room got to the window.

" there they go " A man in a mask shouted.

" TRENT " Lizzie screamed.

" Keep running "

"Quick in this coffe shop!"

They dashed in the coffee shop and ran straight to the back

"H-Hi im lizzie olsen marykate and ashley olsens sister"lizzie said exstending her hand

"Yea and im Madona"said the sarcastic waitress

"But"lizzie said

"Forget ot lizzie she wont listen"said trent

"Would someone please exsplain what is going on here?"charrlote said

"Lizzie go call the police,ill explain to charrlote

Lizzie went and called the police

"Hello"lizzie said "Is Mrs.Olsen there?"

"Who may i ask is calling?"said the secretary

"This is her daughter"

"Please hold"

"Lizzie?"said the familer voice of her mother

"mom! you dont know how good it is to here you"lizzie said "They came for us at the hotel we are coming to the police sation now ill see you soon"lizzie said

She hung up with out even saying good bye

When lizzie returned to Trent, Charrlote was wiping away a tear from here cheak

"Come on guys moms waiting"lizzie said

"Wait Lizzie are you crazy we cant go back out now they'll be hot on our tail!" Trent said

Trent was right she had not thought of anything but getting to her mother.

Just then they noticed the two men outside the cafe.

" Duck " Trent shouted and they dropped to the floor

The two men looked in the store. They were about to continue down the street but for some reason decided to enter the store. The kids quickly hid under a table. While the two men went to the counter.

" Have some kids been in here? " one man asked " I'm their father. They ran away last night. And I'm trying to find them "

The guy behind the desk looked from the men to the table

" Yeah they..."

...came it here got a drink and ran back out" the manager said

"Which way did they go?"

"Straight ahead"he said pointing "Now if you will excuse me i have paying people waiting" The guys ran out the store

" Thank you so much! " Trent called to the manager. He checked to see if the guys were gone. Then they two left the shop. Just heading in the other direction.

Just then they came running back trent yelled

"Charrlote come on"

Charrlote jumped up and ran after them

they about to reach the police station when they heard a gunshot

"Ahhhhh"lizzie said


They all ducked and ran to the police station at the same time slowing them down

" TRENT OLSEN YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO " Charlotte half shouted half weezed as they ran into the police station.

" May I help you? " A policemen asked.

Just then they heard car tires screeching and shouts outside .

The policemen ran outside to see what had happened.

Mrs. Olsen appeared.

" You're ok! " She said running to hug them

" Yeah but something just happened outside " trent said running to the door.

They gathered from the scene unfolding in front of their eyes that the guy who'd been chasing them had only just avoided being run over by a car and now the police had caught him

" I WON'T TELL YOU ANYTHING !!!" He said as they dragged him inside

" We'll see about that " the policemen said.

Chapter 28