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Back in Hawaii

" Come on Ash get up " Mary-Kate said

" MMmmFF " Ashley mumbled. Her head buried under the pillow.

" I give up Corey! She won't wake up. Maybe you should just come in here "

" WHAT! " Ashley said leaping out of the bed and hiding behind the door. Only then seeing the huge grin on Mary-Kate's face. " Augh! " she said blowing her messy hair out of her face " You're gonna regret that " She proceeded to run after Mary-Kate who ducked behind the bed, the chair, the table, and then ran outside. Ashley was about to follow her then remembered she was only half dressed.

" That's right! Run! " she yelled from the door.

" Ashley! There are people trying to sleep! " her mum scolded.

" Oops! She started it " one look at her mums face and she dropped that argument " sorry " She said meekly. And slipped past her to her room to get dressed.


later that day


" Well, it's Wednesday which means we only have 4 more days till we leave on Sunday " Ashley said sadly.

" Yeah " Mary-Kate said blow drying her hair which had got wet when Ashley pushed her in the pool unexpectedly. A likely pay back for earlier that morning. " I wish we didn't have to go back "

Mary-Kate finished blow drying her hair. " So do you want to go to the beach today? "

" No " Ashley said with a frown which Mary-Kate noted.

" Ok. How about the mall? "

" Ok! " Ashley said brightening. Something the mall never failed to do.


Later at the mall


" Look at this one " Ashley said laughing.

Mary-kate looked at the singled her sister had handed her.

" Augh! His hair is hideous "

" I Know! "

The twins laughed together not realizing they were being closely watched from the store across the way.

" Should I go over there? " the girl Ashley had tried to help, who's name turned out to be Dawn, wondered. " No, I can't. Not after the way I treated her " Back at the music store Ashley had that funny feeling that she was being watched. She turned around and came face to face ( with the distance of the pathway between shops between them ) with the girl. She nudged Mary-Kate " look "

" Oh " Mary-Kate said " Why don't you go and talk to her? "

" Are you kidding? After the way she treated me "

" I know, but look at her. She looks really sorry about it "

Ashley looked at the girl still watching them. Mary-Kate was right. The girl looked like she was about to burst into tears.

" Ok " Ashley decided. And started towards the store. " Hey " She said quietly when she got there.

" Hey " the girl said nervously " listen I'm really sorry about what I said the other day. I didn't mean it "

" I know " Ashley said softly " don't worry about it "

The girl smiled. " I'm Dawn " she said extending her hand

" I'm Ashley " Ashley said shaking it and grinning. " And that girl over there " she pointed at Mary-Kate " the one who's trying to pretend she doesn't see me but looks exactly like me. Is my twins sis Mary-Kate "

the girl waved at mk but she didnt notice

"Look i really would like to talk to you but..."dawn trailed off

"Yea me too why dont we go somewhere quiet?"ashley said

"Ok sure"

"Hold on let me tell mk,dont go anywhere"ashley said smiling

The girl blushed "I wont, not this time"

Ashley walked over to mk "Hey we are gonna go somewhere private and ill catch up with you later if thats ok?"

"Yea sure"mk said

Mary-Kate went back to looking at the cd's and Dawn and Ashley went in search of somewhere private. They ended up getting a corner booth back at the same cafe they had been at a few days earlier.

"ok here is the deal i really want to help you but youve gotta tell me whats wrong and why you are always running"ashley said She hesitated "Well its because..."

" Well, you see I didn't tell you the whole truth about my father. He's..."

The little girl burst out in tears

"Its ok its ok"ashley said hugging the girl

" He's... He's involved in this gang thing. And I stole something from them and now they're after me. "

"Really!Thats terrible"she said "What did u steal?"

" They had this stash of money. They were gonna use it to get some guns and I didn't want them to hurt more poeople so I took the money and now they're after me "

" Uh-oh " Ash said. She'd just noticed a very suspicious looking character looking in at them. He started to move towards them...

Ashley pretended to start coufing really bad it got everyones attention and the guy moved away

Finally the she stopped

"Are you ok?"dawn asked

"Yes,it was all fake this weird guy was starring at us and moving in"she said

"Oh no we gotta get out of here or you do i dont want you to get caught up in this" "Dont worry about it come with me"ashley said getting up and walking behind the counter

"Hi"ashley said to the manager

"Hello is there something i can help you with?"he said

"Uh yes,im Ashley Olsen an"she said getting cut off

"Thats right you are!!Wow your so big now i used to watch you on full house all the time!"

"Yea thats me but there was some strange guy coming at me and my friend here and we were hoping to go back in the back to make a phone call to my mother?"Ashley said

"Sure,sure right this way"

He said leading her to the phone


On the phone with her mom

"Hi mom its ashley"

"Hi sweet heart is something wrong?"

"Yes i with that girl i was telling you about and these bad guys are after her,one of them was just here but he ran away when i got everyones attention"

"Oh are you alright?"

"Yes im fine but can u send someone to get us?"

" Hi Mum " Ashley said when she met her mum in the parking lot a little later on.

" Hi Ash " her mother said

" This is Dawn " Ashley introduced her.

" Hi Dawn, Jump in we've gotta go get Mary-Kate from the mall. She said she'd meet us by the door "

They got to the mall. There was no sign of Mary-Kate

They all jumped out of the car and started yelling for mk

" Are you looking for Mary-Kate olsen? " A girl asked running over to them.

" Yes " Mrs. Olsen said.

" I saw a girl who looked like her. She was standing over there " the girl pointed to a chair nearby " then this car drove up and these people jumped out and grabbed her. I was just gonna go call the police then you turned up "

"Oh no!!"ashley said then she busted into tears "Its all my fault,its all my fault"dawn said feeling like crying

"Look theres no time for this girls now ashley dry your tears and go call the police,dawn tell me everything about these men"ashleys mother said "And you which way did the van go off?"looking at the girl who had saw the whole thing

The girl pointed down the street

" That way " she said " and the car was black with tinted windows "

" did you see the number plate? "

" It began with A that's all I can remember "

"Thanks dear"she said and ran over to ashley who was just hanging up the phone

" The police are coming now " Ashley reported.

"Ok good,now where is dawn?"she said getting worried

"Right here Mrs.Olsen"dawn said stepping beside her

"Ok now what are these men like?"mrs. olsen said

"Oh there terrible ,just terrible"dawn said as ashley started to cry again "Ashley control your self it will be ok"her mother said hugging her

Finally the police showed up

"Thank God your here!"she said rushing over to them

"Ok What happend?"the police officer said

"Well we first showed up and my daughter marykate who was supposed to be here waiting for us was gone we yelled for her and this little girl said someone had kidnapped her in a black van with tited windows"

" Ok come to the police station with us " the policemen said.

"Come to the police sation!Are you crazy we have to go after these guys they have my baby girl!"said ashleys mother breaking down

" I understand Ma'am. But we've got patrol cars looking for her everywhere. the best you can do is come to the police station and answer some questions. "

"Come on mom theyll find her"ashley said Dawn just kept quiet feeling it was all her fault

At the police station Ashley found herself doubting her words. The police seemed to be doing nothing but asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over ( you get my drift ) again. She decided to stop thinking like that. After all what did she know about how police work?

Finally Dawn spoke up "I have something to tell you about them that i didnt before" "What is it you have to tell us"the policeman said

Dawn gulped.

"What is it?"the policeman said "Dont pressure her she will never talk then"ashley said smiling "Believe me i know" That eased dawn up a little and she was ready to talk

" Well, it's like this... " Dawn said

"See like i told ashley my dad was in the gang and well the used to beat me when i was around finally i escaped and went to my uncle who wasnt any better"said dawn tears forming in her eyes

" And? " the policemen asked. He was rewarded with a glare from Mrs. Olsen.

He stopped beging and sat there listening "I came to find out my uncle joined the gang and tricked me into seeing them were i was beatin again which they thought was funny"dawn said Ashley hugged her "Finally i heard one of there plans and decided i had to get away so i took some money and went on the run"she paused "Where i luckly finally met ashley and now every,everythings happening!Because of me!"dawn said crying like crazy now "There n-n-not after you there after me!!!!"

Chapter 27