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" there was this girl "

Lizzie said tiredly " the same girl that ran into you Ashley. I tried to see where she went but, man... she was fast! "

" See what I mean girls " Their mom said

" Please mum " Ashley said

" Ashley I need to think about this. How about you and Mary-Kate go do something to take your minds of everything while I think "

" Come on Ash. " Mary-Kate said

They went into their room and decided to make up some actions for a good dance song. They chose Crazy from Britney Spears. The next thing they new they were cracking up and dancing around the room. They found one move hard. When the song gets to 'I'm so excited I'm in too deep' you have to move you left foot towards your right then vice-versa. Drop to the ground. Jump back up and spin around. VERY HARD ( I know from very recent experience )

" AUGH! " Ashley said laughing after missing part of the actions for the third time. They collapsed to the floor while Britney Spears kept on singing.

They did however get up again for the bit where the song goes 'sing it!....' then all of a sudden 'STOP!' when you hear the stop you're supposed to quickly drop to the ground and as the music starts up again slowly get up again. After their fifth attempt the twins finally got it and kept on dancing.

They were laughing non stop. And didn't notice their mum stick her head in the door. She looked at them smiled and nodded. Then left.

Later on when they went to hear her decision. She informed them that she thought the low stress of the holiday was good for them and that they would stay till that Sunday ( as planned )

" YES! " the twins said jumping into the air.

" Psst! Ashley look! " Mary-Kate half whispered half shouted ( if that's possible )

She was spying thru a rose bush on something by the pool. Ashley wasn't sure what.

" What is it? " she said running

" look! " mary-Kate said pointing " Careful of the thorns. Ashley finally saw what her sister was watching. Trent was by the pool with the same brunette they'd seen him at the beach with.

" wow! " Ashley said. they watched attentively for the next couple of minutes. Forgetting that what they were doing wasn't right. And figuring that it was their brother so it wasn't so bad. Or that he would do the same to them.

" I think he's gonna kiss her " Mary-Kate said she and Ashley leaned forward excitedely totally forgetting about the thorns.

Trent who hadbeen gonna kiss the girl was interrupted before he could by the site of two blond girls running away clutching their heads and screaming.

" Man, I wouldn't want to be their brother " he said to the brunette. Figuring he'd explain that he was later...

" Would you excuse me for a minute? " he said to her a few minutes later. Then started in the direction the twins had gone. He eventually found them in their room in front of the mirror examining their forheads which had little marks here and there from the thorns.

" Serves your right " he said from behind them. They both jumped guiltily. " What do you mean? " Ashley asked trying to act innocent.

" You were spying on me! "

" um... "

" You would have got away with it too. But maybe you should have hidden behind a tree instead of a rose bush " he said laughing and heading out the door. Then suddenly stuck his head back in.

" Because of that " he said pointing to their heads " You get away with it. But if I catch you spying on me and Charlotte again " he gave them his own version of the Bruce Willis look. Then finally left.

" Phew! " Ash said to Mary-Kate " that was a close one "

" Totally! " Mary-Kate agreed.

They looked at their heads again then at each other. Remembering everything that had happened they soon found themselves rolling on the floor with laughter.

" His face! "

" I know! "

"We shouldnt talk about

his face look at yours!"ashley said

"I know"mk said laughing "look at yours!"

"Come on lets go back out side"ashley said

"Ok but we arent gonna spy are we?"

"No, we just wont call it spying!"she said laughing

"Ashley!"mk said oh well she thought whats the worst that could happen?She grabbed some binoculars and ran out the door

They got to there spot behind the tree instead of sitting in thorns

"Rats!"ashley said

"Too bad"mk said

just as trent and charlote(sp?) got up to leave

"Come on lets go get corey and follow them"ashley said

"Oh ashley nothing good is gonna happen to them if we dont leave them alone"mk said "We should leave them alone,come on im hungery"

"Oh all right but can we still get corey?"

"Yes"mk said chuckling

They went up to his room and knocked on his door

He opened it up

"Oh hey girls"he said

"Hey we were just gonna go get something to eat wanna come?"ashley said

"Yea sure"he said "MOM im going out to eat be back later!"he yelled to his mom

"Ok lets go"he said "By the way what happend to your heads?" Ashley and mk cracked up

"Well ya see we were spying..."they said telling him what had happened

" You're kidding! " he said

" Nope " they both said in unison

" So where do you want to eat? " Mary-Kate asked

they ended up going to the pizza parlor and pigging out on their favorite kinds.

" You two look tired " Corey observed.

Mary-Kate and Ashley looked at each other then burst out laughing.

" What? What did I say? "

" Nothing it's just... " Ashley started laughing again

" I'll explain " Mary-Kate said " You know those glow in the dark smiley faces you can buy? "

Corey nodded.

" Well, we'd brought some of those with us to decorate our motel room "

Mary-Kate continued " And anyway We took some of the wall and were using them as frisbys. Throwing them at each other in the dark "

" It was so much fun " Ashley said She'd finally stopped laughing.

" Yeah and funny. Especially when the cd started playing Backstreet boys and you practically fell out of the bed! "

" I didn't! " Ashley said blushing.

Coreys face looked like one big question mark.

" You see. " Mary-Kate said " Ashley's celeb crush is Nick Carter. And when she heard him singing she practically fell off the bed "

" He WAS my celeb crush. Not anymore. I just forgot " Ashley said cracking up.

Corey didn't look jealous. Probably cause he recognized the fact that Nick was 6 years older then Ashley and there wasn't any likelyhood anything would happen. They all laughed together.


About and hour and two pizzas later.

" Come on lets go down to the beach " Ash said.

" Now, I wonder why ashley would want to go to the beach " Mary-Kate said to Corey, laughing.

" Yeah, I wonder " Corey said trying to look serious. But failing.

Ashley smiled at them " Come on slow pokes "

When they got to the beach Ashley scanned the whole area looking for the girl. She spotted her down by the water. And thankfully the girl hadn't seen her yet. She quietly ran over there and grabbed the girls arm before she could run away.

" I need to talk to you " Ashley said to the very nervous looking girl.

" what do you want? " The girl asked looking annoyed.

" I tried to help you and you just ran away! That's not what I'd call gratitude! "

" Maybe cause it wasn't" the girl said angrily " When will you get it through your head? I don't want your help! "

She pulled from from the stunned Ashley and ran off down the beach.

Corey who had heard the whole thing came up and put his arms around Ashley.

" I.. I " Ashley couldn't say anything she just started crying.


Later that day

" Hey Ashley. Did you realize what today is? " Mary-kate asked looking sad. Ashley thought for a minute then it was like a lightbulb went on in her head and she too looked sad " Ike's 21st birthday she whispered sadly... I feel so selfish. "

" Why? "

" I was worrying about seeing Jonathon at his birthday

Mary-Kate gave her a sympathetic look.

" Don't worry I'm sure Ike would understand. After all. All he's been worrying

about lately is impressing Kirsten! "

" Yeah good point! "



" Ike are you awake? "

" I guess you could say that? Why? "

" I don't see how they expect us to sleep on these excuses for beds! "

" tell me about it. They could definitely do with more stuffing in the matress "

" Even 'some' stuffing would be nice "

" Yeah, but what's really on your mind. I'm sure you didn't wake me to talk about matress stuffing "

" I don't know, I guess I'm just worrying about wether or not we'll ever get out of here "

She heard a sigh from the other side of the room.

" Yeah I worry about that too "

That wasn't the encouraging response she'd hoped for.

"Well do you know

what today is?"she said

"Duh!!!"he said

"Ha ha well happy bday!"she said kinda sadly "Wish i had a cake or something!"

" That's ok " He said " I'd rather have the candles. So I could see your beautiful face "

"Thanks"she said sweetly

Ike leaned in a tried to kiss her but missed and kissed her hair

" How did you get over here so quick? " she asked.

" I have my ways " he said raising an eyebrow. To no avail tho since she couldn't see it.

" Well, maybe you could teach me them sometime " she said before kissing him Ike started laughing

"What what is it!"she said


"...I always thought that if I ever got to kiss someone as beautiful as you. I'd at least be able to see their face "

" Oh! " Kirsten said and...

she smiled "Well i never thought id be kissing you while we were kidnaped!"

" I never thought I'd be kissing you. End of subject "

The conversation ended there probably cause they both realized (sp?) it was going nowhere. Instead they kissed again. A very long kiss. Then went back to their beds and tried to sleep. Both hoping that they would get away from their very soon.

Chapter 26