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" YES I WAS! " she said punching him lightly on the shoulder.

" OK sorry "

" Well, what do you think we should do? " Ashley asked impatiently

"I think you should tell mom what you just told me,sure she will blow her top but its worht a shot!" he said "Plus i really want to see"giving a sly smile

"Ok ill do it"she said sighing

"Yay!"mk said

"But mk dont you wanna see zac?"she said

"Oh yea"mk said giving a frown"I dunno though i woud really like to help this girl if mom says yes"

Ashley went into the room where her mum was and nervously explained about the girl.

Her mom gave her "The look" and ashley knew she was gonna get it

"Ashley are you telling me that you went and taked to a totall stranger?"she said

"Well corey was there too"she said

"Thats another thing every since you meat this corey bad stuff has been happing and we never see you anymore"

"Wait mom are you saying corey is responsible for all this?And that girl was only 11 years old!Im 15 i think i can handle myself!"

" I think it's best we leave.

You don't know what kind of situation that girls in. She could be dangerous "

" Yeah, Or she could be in trouble. And we should try to help her

"Ashley that is the end of this discussion!Goto your room and pack"

Ashley stopped off to her room litte did her mother know that ashley was gonna climb down the fire escape and run away for a little while

"Phew"ashley said when she got down observing the long why she had just come She then went back into the hotel and went to coreys room

She threw some rocks at the window. Corey opened it.

" Ashley!. What are you doing here? "

" I ran away "

He looked at her in a way that showed he didn't think that was the most sensible thing to do.

" Well , mum was being unreasonable "

" She's a parent " Corey said simply " It's hard to understand their logic. So they always seem unreasonable. But that DOESN'T mean they are " he pointed out.

Ashley looked annoyed about the lecture " Can I come in?

ok i just want to be without her for a few hours"ashley said

She explained what her mom had said Corey looked scared about what he was gonna say. " Um,.... I hate to say it. But she has a point "

He was given a LOOK. "But,but,but"she whinned almost in tears

"Come on. Let's go back to your room " he said putting an arm around her and leading her down the hall.

"No!"she said jerking away and running

Corey ran after her and caught he sleeve she stopped

He lead her to her room She cried all the way

" Ashley? " Corey said " Honestly, What's the matter? "

" I don't know " she sobbed.

"I just dont know"

"Well it has to be something"

" DUH! " She said angrily.

" Hey don't snap at me. It's not my fault you're acting so weird

"Ok hold up im gonna talk to your mom"he said walking in

he asked her mom if he could take ashley to lunch and she agreed

Later at lunch.

" Come on Ashley. You can tell me whats the matter "

She looked at him with tearfulled eyes. " I'm just worrying about Ike and Kirsten so much. And worrying that something will happen to me. I don't wanna go home. Cause it might! "

Corey finally understood.

" I know how you feel,thats been going through my mind alot too"

" Come on " he said

" Where are we going? "

" To explain this to your mum "

" NO! " she said but other then that didn't put up any other resistance.

When they got to the motel Corey explained to Mrs. Olsen.

" Oh Ashley " she said giving her a hug. Corey quietly slipped out of the room

"Im sorry mom I just,just"ashley said letting it all out

"Its ok ashley"she said hugging her "The same thing happend to me when i was young

"You and you twin sister were famous. Cause you'd been acting since you were 9 months old. Then 2 close friends get kidnapped and you think the same things gonna happen to you? "

"I just dont wanna anything to happen but i guess it would be better to get home"

" I think we should stay here " Mary-Kate said coming into the room

But mk i thought you wanted to go home"ashley said

"We could use some away time but... Zac could do with the support. But he's got his family.."

"But still girls and trent we should go home,we would have a secrity of our house,ur father,friends,everything"there mom said

"Yea i know"ashley said

Just then Lizzie walked in dirty,sweaty,and tired she dropped to the floor

"Lizzie!"there mom said

They all rushed over

Chapter 25