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The girl appeared in her usual quick fashion. Then proceeded to disappear just as quickly.

" Come on! Let's follow her! " Ash called and they started running.

Soon corey was far ahead of her ashley was out of breath "Corey catch her"she yelled Soon he caught the girl ashley caught up the girl looked frightened

" W-W-Whaddya w-w-w-want? " She asked.

" To know if we can help you "

"Nothings wrong with me" "Then why are you always running?"corey said "Come on explain to us while we go eat ok?"ashley said

The girl didn't look to happy but she went with them to a nearby cafe and put up no objection to then buying her lunch.

" So where do u live " Ashley started by asking.

She waved her hand vaguely " around " she said.

" Oh Ok. " Ash said " Do you have any brothers or sisters? "

" No "

"where are ur parents?"ashley said "My mom died last year and my dad sent me away to a school here but they treated my very badly"she said crying

"There there"ashley said suddenly a thought came into ashleys head 'Maybe mom would let me keep her for a little while and help her out?'

" Um, Ashley " Corey said quietly " She's not a dog it's not that simple as keeping her for awhile "

" I know " Ashley whispered back

"Could you excuse me?" the lil girl said

They hardly noticed here leave but did notice when she didn't come back..

" Um Ashley, It's been half an hour. I don't think she's coming back " " Yeah, I know " Ashley said with a sigh " come on lets go "

Back at the motel...

"Ashley come on lets go"her mom said

"What are you talking about?"she said confused

"Didnt she tell you we are leaving"trent said

"WHAT!"ashley said

"Yes we need to get home with all that is going on.Now where is Marykate?" "She is at the mall"ashley said sadly "I'll go call her"

On the phone:

"Hello?"said mk

"Hey mk its ash,mom says to come home now were are leaving"ashley said choking up

"What?"mk said

"No time to explain now just come home and we will tell you"ashley said hanging up

Mary-Kate arrived home and immediately started work on their mother.

" But MOOOOOOOOOM. I don't wanna go yet " She whined.

" Me eeeeeeeeeither " Ashley joined in.

" GIRLS! PLEASE! Don't whine "

"Theres just to much going on right now"there mom said

"With whats happend to kristen and ike,plus the break in i just get so worried and think we should go back home" There mother said trying to hold back the tears

Should i tell mom about the girl?ashley thought

"We understand mom,right girls?"said trent giving them a knowing look

"Ugh yea"said mk

"Mom u finish packing here,ashley and mk come with me please"trent said

"Ok hold on"ashley said.She told corey bye and said that she would come over before they left.After corey left ashley went back to trents room

" You don't wanna go home do you Trent? " Ashley asked.

" Are you kidding!? "

" I saw that girl you were with at the beach "

Trent froze...

"U-uh whattt are you talking about?"trent said studdering

" I think you know " She said with a sly smile.

"Ok ok i meet a girl"he said

"So you dont wanna leave?"mk said "Wow i thought you did"

" Yeah, well Mums really stressed about the whole thing. And it would be easier for her if we go home "

" Not for us " Ashley said quietly.

"Well ash corey does live in cali to ya know?"

" It's not that "

Trent looked at her questioninly. She wondered if she could trust him. (After all he was her brother)

"Come on ash spill it"he said

"Ok"she said sitting down on his bed "Theres this girl..."

She proceeded to explain about the girl.

" Wow! " Trent said when she finished.

"so do you think mom would let me do it?"she said Trent burst out laughing she glared at him "Oh you were being serious"

Chapter 24