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Out of the blue she saw the girl running down the road with the police chasing her

"Wait Wait!"ash called

She got one of the police men and asked what had happend "This girl has been running ppls over,stealing,just about everything"he said taking off running none of the police men were very fast

Ashley took off and corey went after her to he was super fast and was about caught up to the girl when....

...A truck suddenly turned on to the road. Corey had to dive into a dumpster to get out of the way. Ashley managed to slip past the truck and keep running after the girl.

Ashley was starting to get tired and new she'd have to stop runnning. She carefully watched to see which ally the girl went down. Then started back to Corey.

He was climbing out of the dumpster covered in things like Banana peals. Ashley couldn't help it she started laughing.

Corey frowned.

" Oh Ashley you look tired let me give you a hug "

He moved towards her covered in trush and gunk.

" NO! " Ashley shrieked trying to run but she was too tired to...

She collapsed

"Ashley are you ok?"he said

"Yea yea im just light headed i wanted to follow that girl but i need to go home i think,and u need a shower"she said laughing

Back at home. They saw Mary-Kate sitting by the phone ( she'd started home just before the girl turned up ) " are you waiting for Zac to call? " Ash asked

" Yeah he said he would as soon as he got home "

Ashley turned on the news.

" In news today Isaac Hanson from the popular pop group Hanson and Teen Actress Kirsten Dunst are still missing. "

Ashley frowned when she heard that. Just then the phone rang.

" Hello? " Mary-Kate asked answering on the first ring. " Oh hey Zac " ... " they did? " She informed Ashley that both families had resieved a ransom note.....

It said:

If you would like your children back give us $500,000.00. Leave it at the old gas station under pump 1,bring no police or else.Bring it before 12:00pm tommorow "Oh no zac thats terrible"mk said "Yes,yes i will tell the all and i hope everything turns out ok.Call me as soon as you hear anything.Ok bye zac"

"Bye"he said

After he hung up mk told corey and ashley what had happend.They all frowned

"Ive got to go take a shower"he said heading for the door

"Ok call me when you get out,later"ashley said

Mary-Kate and Ashley looked at each other...

"This is so sad"

" Not just sad it's scary! " ash said

" Yeah. What if they'd kidnapped Zac? "

" Or us! "

"Or mom"she said

"Anyone would be scary,what do you think is going threw there mind?"ashley said


" Ike? " Kirsten asked trying to work out where he was. They were locked in some dark room and there wasn't any light at all!

" I'm over here " He said. The sound came from her left so she started moving in that direction the best she could with her hands tied up.

" I'm scared " She said

" Me too " he said

She finally reached him and they sat there.....

Kristen started crying ike hugged her.She put her head on his shoulder and let it all out "Whats gonna happen to us?"she said through the tears

"I dont know,i dont know"he said

"BE QUIET YOU TWO!"someone yelled at them

The Next day Back in Hawaii.....

" Wow I can't believe a week of our holiday is already up! " Ash said to Mary-Kate

" Me either! " Mary-Kate said " though I will be relieved when we get home. "

" You worry about Zac don't you? " Ash asked

"Of course i am!"mk said about too cry "It will be ok,im going to the beach with corey ill be back soon"ashley said giving her a hug "Ok be carefull im going out with sarah to the mall"mk said "Ok call me around 12:00pm on your cell phone and we will get something to eat"

At the beach.... " Hey do you think we'll see that girl again? " Corey Asked " I hope so "

"I doubt it though because she prob got caught by the police" just then.....

The girl appeared in her usual quick fashion. Then proceeded to disappear just as quickly. " Come on! Let's follow her! " Ash called and they started running.

Soon corey was far ahead of her ashley was out of breath "Corey catch her"she yelled Soon he caught the girl ashley caught up the girl looked frightened

" W-W-Whaddya w-w-w-want? " She asked. " To know if we can help you "

"Nothings wrong with me" "Then why are you always running?"corey said "Come on explain to us while we go eat ok?"ashley said

The girl didn't look to happy but she went with them to a nearby cafe and put up no objection to then buying her lunch.

" So where do u live " Ashley started by asking.

She waved her hand vaguely " around " she said.

" Oh Ok. " Ash said " Do you have any brothers or sisters? "

" No "

"where are ur parents?"ashley said "My mom died last year and my dad sent me away to a school here but they treated my very badly"she said crying

"There there"ashley said suddenly a thought came into ashleys head 'Maybe mom would let me keep her for a little while and help her out?'

" Um, Ashley " Corey said quietly " She's not a dog it's not that simple as keeping her for awhile "

" I know " Ashley whispered back

"Could you excuse me?" the lil girl said

They hardly noticed here leave but did notice when she didn't come back..

Chapter 23