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They sighed lizze was horrable to watch

"Ready?"mk said

"I guess so"

" I want an ice cream!!!!!! " Lizzie Whined. Practically immediately ( note: to the real Lizzie Olsen I'm sure you're not like this. This is just dramatic license. Sorry! )

"Lizzie your 12 years old quit whinning!"

" I'll whine if I want to " She said " COME ON! " She said dragging Mary-Kate by the hand to the door...

All 3 were dragged to the Ice Cream store by the over active 12 year old.

Lizzie had a chocolate Ice Cream which may not seem to important but trust me it is. They decided to take a walk along the beach while eating their Ice Creams.

Lizzie decided she wanted to go wading in the water so Ashley ended up holding the half eaten Ice Cream. The Next thing she knew this blur of red hair flew towards her. Knocking her over and causing Lizzie's Ice Cream to go all over her new shirt.

" HEY! " she shouted. She was freaking about what the chocolate would do to her new shirt. But the girl had already disappeared.

" I think she was homeless or something her clothes were really ragged " Zac Said

" Oh " Ashley said no longer angry " The Poor thing. I wish there was something we could do to help "

But since the girl had vanished there was nothing.

They walked home. All thinking of the events that had transpired.

When they got back to the hotel the noticed the door was wide open and there mom was inside crying on the floor

"Mom what happend everything is a wreck?"marykate said looking around.

ashley went down to her mother and hugged her

" I don't know I just got back " Thier Mom said shaking " And it was all like this... "

"Did u call the police Mrs.Olsen?"said zac

Lizzie started crying ashley comforted her then Trent came in took one look around and called the police

" Do you know anyone who could have done this? " The police officer asked about half an hour later.

" No. We're just staying on vacation. We don't know anyone here "

The kids looked at each other anxiously.

"And no one has been following you or anything?"the police man said "No not that we know of"

Ashley thought of the girl, but she hadn't been following them. They'd only seen her once.

She pushed the thought out of her mind They thanked the officers and they were left to clean up the mess.

Meanwhile back in California..

Kirsten picked up the phone.

" Kirsten? It's Ike "

" Oh hi! "

" I was wondering if you'd like to go see Les Miserables with me tonight? "

" I'd love to "

" Ok I'll pick you up in an hour "

A couple of hours later

" That was such a neat performance " Kirsten said to Ike. He smiled at her but looked kinda worried " What's wrong? "

" Don't look now but I think that black car is following us "

Kirsten subtly looked behing her " I think you're right "

" I'm gonna turn down this Allyway and see if we can lose them " He turned off. They looked behind them. The car screeched to a stop then started down the allyway.

" Uh-oh " they both said in unison. They were even more worried when they looked ahead and saw that it was a dead end...


Back in Hawaii

The phone rang. Mary-Kate answered it. She listened for a few minutes.

" Zac it's your mum she sounds really upset "

Zac went to the phone.

" Mum what's wrong? "

He listened.

" What?!?!? ...Yeah I'll come back straight away "

The twins looked at each other wondering what was going on.

Zac got off the phone and explained to them that Ike and Kirsten hadn't arrived home after seeing Les Miserables. And their parents feared something had happened to them. " Mum wants me to get a flight home tonight " Zac said " I better go book it " he went back to the phone

" Ashley? " Mary-Kate asked " Do you think this could have something to do with the break in last night? "

" I don't know " Ashley answered honestly.

Later that day after seeing Zac off at the airport the twins went for a walk on the beach. Ashley had been hoping to see the girl again. They were there for about an hour with no sign of her. Ashley felt kind of down as they started home. But then...

Chapter 22