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Since the twins were fighting they ended up sitting as far away from each other as they could. The guys wondered what was going on ...

---By Danielle---

"So, what's up?" Corey asked changing the subject.

Ashley glared at Mary-Kate and she glared back.

"Ashley?" he said.

"What!" she yelled not realizing it?

Corey stood up. He got upset.

"Look, I think before we could start something, you need to work things out with your sister. I don't know what's going on with you two, but I think it would be best if we didn't see each other till you work things out." Corey said and left.

"Wait!" Ashley called after him, but he just kept walking. Ashley ran to the girls room crying.

Mary-Kate saw the whole scene from her table. She looked at Zac who wasn't thrilled either.

"Look. I'm going to head back to the hotel room. I'll see you there later." He said.

Mary-Kate didn't really care if he was going. She was more concerned about her sister. She went to the ladies room.

Ashley had locked herself in one of the stalls and Mary-Kate could hear her crying.

"Ashley" she asked.

"Go away" Ashey sobbed. well, it was kinda hard to hear exactly what she said cause of the sobbing but MK guessed that's what it was what she said anyway...

Look i dunno whats been up with you lately,but we better stop before we ruin each others lives"mk said Ashley came out of the stall "Sorry" they hugged "Ok enough of this mushy stuff weve got some boys to catch"they ran out of the stalls and

went in search of the boys... Ash went to Coreys door and knocked... Mary-Kate found Zac by the pool...

" Corey " Ash called when he didn't answer the door.

" Listen I'm sorry about everything " Mary-Kate said to Zac

" Go away Ashley " corey said.

Corey just open the door and let me explain"she said


"Ash and i made up and relized we were acting like little kids please forgive me"she said pleading "Well ok"

They hugged


" Why should I? " Corey said.

" Cause if you don't I'm leaving "

The door flew open.

She smiled "Im really sorry i yelled at you and ignored you"

He stayed looking the same his arms crossed she got worried "Corey please under stand"

" You yelled at me for no reason and you've been acting really weird! "

" I think it's that I'm jealous of Mary-Kate and Zac they have such a great relationship but Mine don't seem to work "

R u talking about our relationship?"

She bit her lip.

" Sorta but also mine and Jonathons "

" You're not over him are you? "

She looked at him....

" Well,......"

"I still miss him but am over him and all"

"But your not ready for another relationship?"

" NO! I mean, No I think I'm ready "

"Really?"he said

"Yes" she said grabbing her hand then she leaned in the hotel room walking inside then she........

Kissed him on the cheek "Come on lets go swimming"

They went down to the pool where Zac and Mary-Kate were already swimming.

"Hey guys having fun?"

" Yeah! " Mary-Kate shouted. Zac came up from behind her and dunked her under. She came up sputtering. "HEY!!!!" They swam around the pool screaming and laughing

"Come on guys!"zac said

"Ok"ashley said doing a canonball into the water

Corey followed..

"Wahoo"corey said jumping in

"Ashley and MaryKate Olsen get your self out of there"They heard the familar voice of there mom

"But mom we were only"mk said Before she could finish her mom cut her off "No buts! You were spossed to be at the hotel room to watch your little sister"

"Sorry mom we forgot,come on zac"mk said

They all got out to dry off

"Sorry corey i forgot we were spossed to watch her"

"That's ok. Talk to you later?"


She Mary-Kate, and Zac went inside to face the terrors of looking after Lizzie!

Chapter 21