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---By Doug---

The twins noticed Jonathan getting awfully quiet. Of course, Ashley was having trouble finding words. So, Mary-Kate asked what was wrong.

"Oh, just thinking, with what happened in New York only a few weeks's gonna be hard to be flying from place to place."

Billy said that one of Jonathan's friends lived near the World Trade Center - luckily he hadn't been hurt.

Ashley quickly began babbling. "Well, we could...I mean, all of us, know, busses are nice, and...well, we'd each have our own, but...I mean you...I mean..."

Billy laughed. "Jonathan's great friends with my limo driver's son - and they're both always telling me it's really going to be fun when I start getting megacrushes like Ashley's got."

Mary-Kate nodded. "The scriptwriters for all of our shows and movies have barely scatched the surface when it comes to teen babbling." She looked at Jonathan. "A bus caravan might be nice. What do you think?"

"Huh? Oh, travel. Uh...yeah, that's good," he said, turning to look at everyone. "Or, we could do a whistle stop tour via train. Like President Truman in the old days. The music industry will have gone from 8-tracks to Amtraks."

" Why don't we start out just having a consert for each state? In total that would be 50 concerts we could get a lot of money from those! " Mary-kate said.

" yeah " Zac agreed " And you could record a live album from one of the concerts like our album 'Live from Albertane'

" That would be a good start " Kirsten said. " Then we can use some of the money we raise from that for bigger tours maybe world tours! "

"Yea i think that is a really good idea"said Zac. Mary-Kate looked at him and blushed."So where do we start?"Ashley asked Kristen."Well i think we should start by gettin all the adults permission then decided about the music."Kristen replied."Sounds like a plan to me!"Jonathan said smiling."Yep,so Jonathan are you gonna help out with us on it?"said ashley giving him her cutest smile."Yea sure if yall dont mind me helping,I would love to!"

"Hey guess will you excus me i have to goto the bath room?"said mk as she motoin for ashley to join her.

As they got in there Ashley said "Whats up Mk?"

"Well do you have a crush on Jonathan?"

"Yes"said ash

"Well do u think fristen has a crush on Zac?Cause u know they way she blushed?"

"Way do u care, i thought u didnt like him?"ashley said as she gave her a sly smile.

"i dont, i dont"she said very fast"We better get back out there" As they ran back to them!

" I think Kirsten actually has a crush on Ike " Mk said " After all he's going on 21 Kirsten's 19 they're closer in age! "

" Ok " Ash said " if you say so!"

They sat down at the table again

"Hey guys glad your back"said ike."Well guys i think we better get going"said Jonathan

"Yea us too" said mk

"Ok guys see you later" Said zac

"Bye" mk said as she slightly blushed

" Well I think we achieved a bit at that meeting " Ashley said as they walked home.

" Yeah " Mary-kate said " Jonathon Jonathon Jonathon " She made a goofy face "

" Hey! " Ashley said and lightly punched her. Mary-kate laughed and started running Ashley followed.

"Ha Ha come and get me!"MK said as she looked back. Mary-Kate watch out!"said ashley but it was to late Marykate had already tripped over a log and fell.

"Oweeeeeeeeee!!!!" she screamed ashley ran up to her "Ewww it looks pretty bad mk,we need to get help fast."

Just then the guys from Hanson's limo came up Ashley waved them down" Oh my gosh what happend Marykate?" Said a worried zac. Mary-Kate was just about to reply when she passed out "Oh no she passed out quick someone call up 911 on this cell phone" said ashley

Zac carried Mary-kate to the limo and then they alll rushed to the hospital. Ashley and the brothers waited outside nervously. A little while later the doctor came out.

" I'm afraid she sprained her ankle " He said " not a bad sprain but she won't be able to put any wait on it for a week "

" Great! " Ashley said " What about the album? " She buried her head in her hands.

" It'll be ok " Tay said " after all it's not like we need her to dance for it or anything "

" I guess " Ashley said " well I better call mum and tell her what happened "

she walked over to the pay phone..

"Hi Mom."said ashley

"Hey Honey is everything ok?"said there mom.

"Well no see Mary-Kate was running and she tripped"said ashley,"and she sprained it but not too bad"

"Oh no well which hospital is she at?"

"East GlenWood,but mom you dont have to come the guys from hanson are here and they agreed to bring mk home."

"Ok so you will be home soon?"

"Yes mom"


"Ok guys i called mom she said she would call dad and said its fine for yall to bring us home"said ashley when she got in the room.

"Ok great when can we leave?"

"Soon,let me go get you some cruches"The doctor replied. Marykate frowned "Guys ive been thinking maybe yall should just do the concerts with out me."

"Now way!"They all said.

"Ethier we all do it together or not do it at all"said isaac.

Mk smiled"Thanks guys"

The doctor walked into the room "Ok Marykate here you go,you know how to use them?"

"Yea my brother once broke his leg so i got to use his."

"Ok well all you have to do is sign this" he handed her the paper " and if you would audograph this for my 10 year old daughter,"He smiled.

Everyone laughed.

"Sure whats her name?"


"Ok here you go."

"Bye thanks for all your help!" said ashley

When they got home they thanked the guys from hanson for the ride and went in.

"Oh honey how are you?"said there mom.

"Im fine,im fine actually i dont even think i need these cruches,"said let them drop.

"See no........OWWWWWW!Ok i take that back give me them,give me themmmmm!"she screamed

"Hey waits all the noise about,oh hey guys mk what happend?"said trent

"I tripped and sprained my ankle"she replied

"Oh you want me to help you to your room?"

"Yes that would be great"

"Honey,your father,step mom,and(what are there step siblings names?)will be here at 6:30 to bring you dinner"said her mom

"Ok thanks mom"


When they were in mks room mk told trent thanks and he left.Just then there little sis (whats her name again,lol)came in

"Hey sis how are you?"she said

"Ok i could be better"

"Ok well i gotta go but ill see you later"

"Alright thanks"

"So mk how was it being carried by Zaccccc"ashley said to her

"I dont like him ok,and at least i can talk to him unlike you and jonathan"mk said

" We talk " Ash insisted

" Yeah about trips to the moon! " Mary-kate said with a smile " that was really corny you know "

" I know " but it was all I could come up with " she shrugged " Do you think he likes me ? "

" YES!!! " Mary-kate practically shouted " He was even worse then you at saying stuff "

" He was wasn't he ? " Ashley said and started to laugh

" yep " Mary-kate said.

Ashleys laughing was infectious and the next thing the two were sprawled on the floor totally cracking up about their 'interesting' day.

Chapter 3