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Corey sitting there laughing his head off with another girl a rush of jeolosy came over ashley Corey saw her and his face brightened he ran too her "Ashley this is my cousin Sarah"he said

Cousin? she thought good thing she hadnt gotton made at him "Hi nice too meet you"she said

"You too"

They olsens ended up sitting next to Corey at the restaurant and talked quite a bit..

They learned alot about corey most of the time ashley and corey just starred at each other but Sarah and Mk became pretty good friends,They sure were glad they came here

when they got back to the Motel. Mary-Kate checked her e-mails. She was pleased to see one from Zac. And even happier when she read the content. It was an invitatin To Ike's 21st birthday party later that month.

" Hey Ashley look at this " she called

Ashley came in and read over her shoulder. Mary-Kate was surprised to see she wasn't that happy about it.

" What's wrong? " she asked

" Well, it's just Jonathon will probably be there "

" Oh, of course I didn't think of that! "

"Wel look we could email zac and ask if u could bring someone else that would make him jeolous"she said "Yea Corey lives in cali not far from us im sure he would go!" "Yep,but for too ppls who like each other u sure not talk much!"she said laughing

The two laughed.

Mary-Kate e-mailed Zac and asked if it was ok if Ash brought a friend. Then the two went to sleep excited about the next day.

Ashley was excited cause she and Corey had planned to go horseback riding on the beach...

Pretty soon they drifted off to sleep.That morning ashley woke up early and got ready to go horse back riding

"Wish i was coming"said mk "But me and sarah are going snorkling"

Ashley and Corey had tons of fun horseback riding along the beach. They didn't notice the taxi drive along the road near the beach if they had however they would have noticed a very upset Zac hanson.

Back at the motel Mary-Kate had just got back from snorkeling and had relaxed to watch some tv. She was disturbed by some banging on the door. She opened it.

" Zac " she said throwing her arms around him " What are you doing here? " He pushed her away.

" How could you? " He asked

" Huh? " she said

Here's a clue... " he said and started singing. Hand in Hand. " I see you hand in hand.

With another man.

And I,

Don't know.

What you see in him.

And why you let us go.

And if you're gonna lie,

Atleast you could,

Just let us die.

And if you're gonna cry,

To me baby

Atleast you could of,

Just said goodbye. "

Mary-Kate was still confused.

" I saw you and that brown haired boy. Horseriding at the beach. Man! I came here to see you. How could you? "

Mary-Kate smiled relieved.

" Zac! That was Ashley! Here I'll show you " she gestured for him to come to the window and pointed down to the pool where Ash and Corey were swimming.

" OH " he said " Ok I feel stupid! "

Mary-Kate laughed.

We're identical it happens all the time. Don't worry about it. "

He smiled "wanna go for a swim?"

"What wait"she said pulling him inside "First off what are you doing here?"

"Oh yea well mom thought we needed a break too so i sugested Hawaii"

"Hmmm why would you suggest that!"she said laughing

"Oh cause there are tons of pretty girls"he said

"Ah"she said punching him

"Come on lets go swimming, you can tell me about ashleys friend.By the way what happend between her and jonathon?"

"Come on ill explain on the way"she grabbed her stuff and headed out the door


"......And so they went they went there seperate ways"she said explaining about ashley as they reached the pool

"Oh"he said "Hey last one in the water loses"as he ran towards the water

" Hey! No fair " She shouted running after him. He did a cannonball into the pool and she was right behind him.

" AUGH!!!! " Ashley screamed getting drenched with water. " ZAC!?!?! What are you doing here? "

"AHHHH look out!"mk said

She splashed into the water with zac she came up laughing they looked at ashley and corey,corey was laughing,but ashley was not.They were both dreched

"MK what are you doing,and why is zac here?"

thats simple were swimming,its a free country ya know,and zac is on a vaction too"she said and then she dived underwater

" Come on Corey " Ashley said " Let's go somewhere else "

the two left the pool.

" She seems kind of mad at you " Zac said when Mary-Kate resurfaced...

"Yea i know she is really weird"

" Yeah " he turned away and a mischevious look crossed Mk's face. She splashed him.

" Hey " he turned around the next thing they new they were in the middle of a splashing war.

They heard ppls yelling they looked around everyone was wet they burst out laughing and dove under the water

Before they knew it mks mom came out and told them it was 4:00 and they had to get out

" OH Man! We're leaving tomorrow morning " Zac said " it's just a one day trip "

"What!?!?!"she said "Come on weve got some convinsing to do"

"Huh?"he said

"Come on ill tell you on the way"

" OK tell me what? " he said once they'd started working.

"Ok weve gotta get ur mom to let u stay here with us so we could be togther get it?"

" Oh good idea! "

"Hmmm how will we do it?"she said

" Um.. " he said.

"Ok well how bout you talk to ur mom and ill talk to mine?"he said

" Ok "

they went to do that...

They walked to there rooms and said a quick 'Good Luck'

A few minutes later...

" Oh come on mum please! " Zac begged.

" I'd love to honey but there's the tickets and stuff to arrange and it'll take forever "

" Mum please?!?!?! I REALLY like her "

Diana looked at her sons earnest face and felt herself caving.

" Ok then but you have to pay with your money "

" YES!!! " he hugged her. " Love ya Mum!!!!!! "

Back with mk

"So mom see he could stay with trent and wouldnt be a bother"she said "Ok ok he can if ,IF his mother says yes"her mother said Just then a knock on the door came

YEAH!! I'm allowed " Zac said coming into the room. He then turned to Mrs. Olsen ( or whatev her name is since they're divorced ) " Please? "

She smiled " I already said you could "

"Yes"he said him and ashley hugged come on ill help u get ur stuff.After they moved all the stuff to trents room ashley came in "Whats going on?" "Oh zacs staying here with us"she said "Oh cool"ashley said "By the way ashley Sarah and corey asked us to goto dinner with them"

"Kewl" Mary-Kate said

"I want you to meet sarah shes really nice"mk said

"You will like corey too"

" Kewl " mary-kate said

" Come on Zac let's go for a walk to the beach "

they left...

"Are you sure cause its already 5:00 and we have to go eat at 5:45?"

"Your right we better go get ready you can use trents bathroom"

---By Jennifer---

"Zac hurry up" mary-kate said.

" I'll be awhile I'm brushing my hair! " Zac called from in the bathroom.

" Oh yeah, that'll take awhile it's longer then mine "

" Mary-Kate " he said seriously sticking just his head out the door " Do you think I look like a girl? "

" You used to! " She said " But not anymore " she smiled and went back to her room. He smiled too

Ashley said "I would cut it" marykate told her to shutup

"You know ever since you meet corey youve been really rude and zac and i have been putting up with it but if you keep this up!"mk said slamming the bathroom door in her face

Ashley shurged 'Was she really being rude?'

"Come on you guys"zac called from the door

They left...

"They met corey in the lobby "Sarah will meet us there"he said

The split up. Ash and Corey and Zac and Mary-Kate...

Chapter 20