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The Next week


" I am so gonna miss you " Mary-kate said to Zac " And I promise I'll write like, everyday!!! "

" I'll write twice a day " he said with a smile. After all it's only 2 weeks and then we'll be back to working on the concerts and stuff "

They hugged.

" Bye " Mary-Kate said.

She and Ashley got on the plane and sat down together.

" Hey, Ash why wasn't Jonathon here? " Mary-Kate asked.

Ash looked like she wanted to cry.

" Um, we kinda had a fight and... I think we broke up " she said.

" Oh no, " Mary-Kate said.

" Yeah, " he said he was pretty certain I liked Greg and that I just didn't want to admit it and he thinks we should have some time apart to work it all out. After all we're not officially going out or anything... " she tried not to cry. Mary-Kate gave her a hug.

" Don't worry. Hey, Maybe you'll meet a cute guy in Hawaii! " she said smiling. Ashley smiled back.

Just then the plane started and the sat back and buckled up.

"Im gonna go get my laptop"mk said after the plane was in the air "So i can email zac"

"Ok"she said

Trent came up to ashley and asked if she was ok she said yes and said she couldnt wait to get to Hawaii.

Trent walked away and mk came back.

"Hey ash looks like you got some messages wanna check it out?"mk said

"Yea sure"ashley said

They checked there messages one was from jonathon it said he was still made but sorry about what he said,Ashley started crying again and eventually they both fell asleep

They were soon awoken by the sound of the captain.

" Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to land in Hawaii. Please put all seats in an upright postition... "

" We're THERE!!! " the twins screeched excitedly.

The plane landed and they all got off.

" Wow it's so nice and warm here " Ashley said with a smile.

" Hey, Don't look now but there's this cute guy staring at you "

"Really?"she said and looked at the boy he quickly looked away they both giggled

" I'm gonna go and talk to him " Ashley said. Mary-Kate nodded.

She walked up to the boy.

" Hi I'm Ashley Olsen "

"Hhhhi"he said "Im corey"

"So do you live here?"she said

"No im on vaction i live in cali"he said

"Really me two!"

" Wow!!! Kewl "

" So, Corey what motel are you staying at? "

" The beach side Plaza "

" Really? Me too! "

"Thats great can i walk with you?"He said

"Sure come on"she said

After they got to the hotel he said "Wanna go swimming later?"

"Um sure ill have to ask my mom hold on"she said she went and asked her mom

"She said yes as long as its in the hotel pool meet you make her in half an hour?"

"Ok see you then!"corey said

" Wow, We've been in Hawaii for like, half an hour and already you've met someone " Mary-kate said with a smile.

" yep! Ain't it great? " Ashley said quickly changing into her bathing suit and running down to the pool...

---By Marien---

~*later at the pool*

"soooo..." ashley said, "do u have a girlfriend, or did u have a girlfriend?"... Corey looked at her for a sec, and then answered, "did. I did have a girlfriend, not anymore.., her name was Tanya" "can I ask what happened?" ashley said...

"Well she started cheating on me and i broke up with her"he said

"Oh"she said

"So how about you?A pretty girl like you there has to be a story with that"he said

"Well there was someone his name was jonathon but we broke up he thought i liked someone else but i didnt"she said frowning

" Oh, well he was an idiot " Corey said

" Yeah, but he was cute " Ashley said with a smile.

They both smiled

"So wanna race?"she said

"Sure on your mark get set go!"he said

They raced around the pool and corey won

"Phew im out of breathe now wanna go get something to eat?"she said

"Well maybe just a snack but not anything big my famileys going out tonight"he said

They ended up getting something from the snack machine in the hotel lobby. ( I won't say what they got cause you probably won't have heard of any of the snacks we have here )

"Hey i gotta be going soon"he said with mouth full of food

"Ok"she said giggling "Here is my room number call me"

"Bye"he said

He walked down the hall towards his room

She went back to hers. She went into her and Mary-Kate's room and flopped down on the bed with a sigh.

" Have a good time? " Mary-Kate asked

"Very. He is really sweet he is gonna call me in the morning"she said

"See i told you everything would work out,Little sister knows best!"she said lightly puching ashley

Ashley punched back "ow that hurt"said mk


"Come on we gotta get dressed"mk said

"Dressed for what?"

Didn't you know? "

" Know what? "

" Mum's taking us out to dinner "

" REALLY?!?!?! KEWL!! " she jumped up and started looking for clothes to wear

She pulled out her favorite flowered dress

"Oh bout this one?"she said

"Yea its perfect"

They changed and got ready to head out the door

When they got to the restaurant Ashley was surprised to see.....

Chapter 19