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Well, there adventure was over. It was back to normal now. But not really. There lives had changed forever and they all knew it.

" Well I wonder what our next adventure will be " Ashley said to Mary-Kate late the next night. They were back at home. And life was pretty much back to normal or at least as normal as it could get.

" AUGH!!! " a shout came from outside their door. The door was flung open and in bounded Trent and Lizzie.

" You two will so not believe this " Trent said.

" We're going to Hawaii!!! " Lizzie interrupted. Trent frowned at her but he couldn't be mad for long. Not with something like this!

" You're kidding!!!! " the twins screeched in unison.

" Nope Mum thinks you two could do with a holiday after your ordeal so she's taking ALL OF US!!! " Trent said smiling

Part 3, Hawaiian Vacation: Chapter 18