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They all screamed "You dont think its back?"said mk

" Ok everyone be really quite and don't move " Ike said trying to calm them all down.

"Maybe if we kept moving it would go away"

" I don't think so... " Ike said " and somehow I don't think a rock will work this time either... "

They all looked at each other totally terrified.

Just then they heard the sound of a helicopter...

They looked up and started waving and yelling

" Hope they see us!"ashley said

"Me two!"jonathon said

The helicopter flew over and disappeared out of site.

" Oh no! " Ashley started to cry.

They heard the bear growl again

Don't cry " Jonathon said putting his arm around her.

" Hey Look " Mary-Kate said " it's coming back. "

They saw the helicopter flying towards them...

Ashley percked up and started screaming again

The helicopter landed

The person in the helicopter waved at them. They started running towards him.

Just then the bear appeared from the bush a few feet away from them...

They were all running by then. Mary-kate was at the back of the group. The Bear was gaining on her.

" Zac help " she yelled.

He turned around and pushed her ahead of him.

" Keep running! " he shouted. She did. Too scared to look back. When she did she saw that the bear was just about to lunge towards Zac. The bear reared up on it's back legs. Lifted it's paw to swipe at Zac. Something which would probably break kill or at least BADLY hurt a person.

" ZAC!!!!! " she screamed. He had kept running not looking back, but seemed to realize how close the bear was.

" Keep Moving " he shouted.

The bears paw moved towards Zac...

Then suddenly a shot rang out and the bear fell to the ground. Mary-kate looked around trying to work out what had happened. She saw that the rescue person who had been in the helicopter had got out and shot the bear. She ran into Zac's arms crying.

" I thought I was gonna lose you " she cried into his shoulder...

Chapter 17