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" Oh, Thanks Greg " she said with a big smile.

" No Problem " he said

Jonathon noticed he still hadn't let go of her arm.

He turned away annoyed.

"Come on"he said "It looks slick up here to"

She looked at jonathon he shruged before she could say anything he started walking still holding her hand "I think im ok now"she said trying to remove her hand from his but....

...not giving much effort.

Jonathon refused to look at her. And she realized how upset he was...

Jonathon saw that aaron was coming at him and decided that he didnt feel like talking, but aaron didnt come to him he went to greg. A wash of jelousy came over him but aaron didnt talk he extended his foot and tripped him making greg fall

In part doing that was good. In that it sent Greg sprawling to the mud. But the bad part was that since he was still holding Ashley's hand she went down too. Jonathon rushed over and ignoring Greg helped Ashley up.

" Are you ok? " he asked.

"ugh yea i think so"she said "But is greg?"

"Yes im fine but im gonna go kill someone be right back"he said he took of after aaron

" Hey, Man leave him alone " Jonathon said catching up. I'll talk to him. Greg shrugged him off angrily and walked off. Jonathon ran after Aaron.

" What was that about? " He practically yelled at Aaron.

" Chill man I was trying to help you! "

"I saw you were about to trip over a rock?"he said"so i was gonna help ya"

" Uh-huh " Jonathon nodded sarcastically " but then why did you 'help' Greg and not me?

" Um. " Aaron chewed his lip and looked at the ground. Just then Ashley came over...

"AARON that was mean!"she said

"Are you ok ash?"jonathon

"yea im fine wanna walk with me?"she said he smiled

" Sure!!! " he said with a goofy grin. Aaron gave him a look to say see! I helped you after all!

Just then they heard a familiar growl

Chapter 16