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"DID YOU HEAR THAT!"mk said dropping all her wood and running over to zac

"Um nothing im sure it was just a car"he said getting worried beacuse he knew it wasnt

"There are no cars near!"she said

They both started screaming for help

" Wait a minute " Zac whispered. And put a hand over Mary-Kate's mouth " we shouldn't scream or it will hear us "

They both waited as quite as mice.

They heard another growl from the bear

Mk couldnt help but squeal all of a sudden they heard it cry and run away just the ike come running "Is everyone ok?"

"Well besides the fact i almost was eatin yes"mk said

Just the a bright light shined on there faces and a they heard a very loud sound

"A HELICOPTER!!!!!"zac yelled over the noise

"AHHHH WERE SAVED"mk said running towards him to hug him

" Not yet. They have to see us first. " Zac said.

They looked up and realized the helicopter was flying away.

" NO! " Mary-Kate cried.

Little did they now. That the helicopter had just picked up Tay and Rick and was flying them back to safety. It would be back the next day to search for them...

"Oh no"mk said

"Maybe we should tell the others?"

" Hey you guys?!?!?! " They heard Ashley shout as she came running toward them. " Did you hear the helicopter? "

" SshHHHH " They all said. And whisperedly explained about the bear.

" BTW. What did you do Ike? " Mary-kate asked.

" Well... "

"Its hard to explain"he said

"He probley saw his face"zac whispeard to mk

They both laughed

" I kinda like threw a rock at him. And he went away. Amazingly easy! " he said " I just hope he stays away "

"You and me both"she said

They walked back to the fire.

The next day....

They started walking...

They came across a river.

" If we make some fishing poles out of sticks or something we could go fishing? " Ike said.

" I've got a little string " Ashley said. She unwound part of her jacket and handed him the cord.

"This is pretty good um here ill take out a shoe string"

They all started finshing with there hands or the string pretty soon haley cought something

Sadly it was only a piece of grass

They tried a bit longer. It was pretty hard ( considering they had no hooks! lol ) But eventually they caught a couple. Cooked them and had breakfast!


After a totally 'delicious' meal they started walking again. They had fun crossing the river. Which they had to cross cause there was a cliff on the side they had been on. They eventually decided to stick by the river. Since according to the map it ran through the town they were trying to reach...

"So how much longer"aaron said to ike

"Um not to far maybe half the day if we were pros but a little bit longer for us"he said

"Watch out guys its getting slick out her on the mud"kristen said

Right as she said that ashley slipped and before jonathon could catch her greg did

Chapter 15