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" I Guess " she said. They walked ahead a bit " What is it Jonathon you're acting really strange? "

" Cause you and Greg are acting all Buddy, Buddy. "

" we are not "

" Yeah he right. He was about to try to hold your hand! "

" He was? "

"Yes you do not know how frusterating all this is!!!!!!" he said "i can tell he really likes you!"

"He does?" Ashley thoght smiling to her self

"Do do you like him?"


She looked down at the ground...

"Well..."she said

"Ashley come on?"he said "I i like you alot but i guess you dont the same way i do"he said turning to walk off

"Jonathon"she yelled

" Forget it, I need to be on my own for now "

She shrugged and went back to talking to Greg. Though she found it strange when Mr. Need to be on my own was joined by Aaron. That's not what you'd call alone!!!

" AUGH! I can't see how he can be like that!" She exclaimed

" Like what? " Greg asked

"Well he has gotton all jelious of me and you"she said "He thinks you like me and all"

He laughes uneasly "Why who would think a sily thing like that" but he really did like her "You and jonathon arent boyfriend girlfriend are you?"

" Not officially, no " she said. Gregory grinned.

mk was right behind them and was astonished at what she heard"ashley come here!"mk said

"What do you mean yall arent "officially" b/gf?"mksaid

"What about yall makein out in the limo and all!"

"Hey this is no bisness of urs!Just leave me alone i can handly myself!"she said

"Ok but someones gonna get hurt"

Ashley couldnt help but think she was right then she saw greg smiling at her she couldnt resist his cute grin!

When she went back over to him. His smile disappeared.

" You and Jonathon made out? "

"Well not made out thats just what i told them,we just kissed ,were u easdropping?"

" I couldn't help hearing! " he said. " Mary-kate yelled "

" Oh now then Jonathon would have heard it " She looked over at him. Sure enough he looked pretty annoyed.

Make that very annoyed

She bit her lip...

"Well um right now lets just be friends,ok?"she said

"Ok!Hey we better go check up on ike ill go talk to him"he said

"Ok"ashley said then she walked over to jonathon

"Hi"she said kinda sadly

"Oh hi" he said then he turned back to walking

"Look jonathon i really like you and all but... "

"But you like greg to i know weve had this convo before!"he said interrupting

" No, That's not what I was gonna say. " Ash said " We're just friends. We agreed on that "

"Really?"he said getting a little happier

"Yes, really"

He'd turned around to face her but was still walking. Totally not looking where he was going.

" Ouch " He walked into a tree.

" Hey you guys, " Ike said " I know this must be a really important discussion. But take a look around. We're in the middle of nowhere trying to find our way to a town. Could we have a little more of your concentration? "

" Sorry " Jonathon said.

"Hey he is right better keep going um meet me tonight we will talk?" She said and walked over to Greg

"You ok?" Aaron said to jonathon who looked like he was in a daze

"Hmm oh yea im fine"

"Well i think i may be able to get you and ashley together heres the plan" He said leaning close

Jonathon still wasn't totally sure about the whole ash greg thing so he listened intently...

"Ok well the first plan is to ask kristen to talk to ike about switching buddies"

"Thats prob the best plan but what if he doesnt agree?"

"Well we thought of that to.If that plan falls through my and haley will....."

he leaned closer and whispered something in Jonathon's air. Jonathon looked surprised but nodded.

" OK I'll go ask Ike and Kirsten now " Aaron said...

He walked up to ike and kristen they were walking hand in hand "Kristen ,Kristen can i talk to you?"aaron said

"Um yea sure be right back ike"she said

"Ok kristen jonathon is really jelous of ash and greg so we were wonder if"he said

"If i could talk to ike sure no prob i know how that is!" she walked back over to ike

Aaron watched her talking to him. Ike didn't look to happy about the whole thing but he agreed. On the basis that they STOP HAVING THESE LITTLE FIGHTS AND CONCENTRATE ON GETTING OUT OF CANADA!!!! Aaron smiled. It was going perfectly. He would now be paired with Gregory. Time for phase two of his plan...

He mouthed a thank you to kristen and went to jonathon he explained what they had said jonathon was so happy that he hugged aaron "Wow chill out man!"aaron said "What if greg gets mad and all we have to get greg away from ash why not explain tonight while yall talk?"

"Ok we will do it then i hope he is not mad, but i want ashley back!"

Later that night....

" OK you guys we should probably stop for the night " Ike said " This place looks pretty good. Jonathon and Greg why don't you go find some firewood? "

" AUGH! " Jonathon thought. " Hasn't he worked out how much we don't like each other?

" He looked over at Ike and realized he did. " I guess Aaron and I aren't the only ones scheming he thohght "

He and Greg went to get some wood.

" Man I really hope Taylor and Rick are ok " Ike said to Kirsten.


Back at the plane...

" Hey do you hear something? " Taylor asked Rick

" Yeah it sounds like a helicopter "

Taylor ran outside. Sure enough a rescue helicopter was circling above them. They had been found!

It was great they were both so happy but what about everyone else? "Sir"tay said "What about everyone else theyve all gone to get help?"

"We will send a group to look for them by plane and someone will stay here"he said

*** Back at the camp

"Im sure they are"she said

"Yea they can handle them selves"said zac

"Yea but can jonathon and greg handle there selves?"

As the two boys walked into the woods

"Can i ask you a question?"jonathon said

"I guess"greg said grumbly

"Ok do you like ashley or not?"he said

"Why is she your girlfriend?"

" Well, Not officially. " he said " but we've been out a couple of times "

" Well, if it's not official then it's none of your business wether I like her or not " Greg said. He picked up a log of wood. " Think Fast! " he threw it at Jonathon. Jonathon fumbled the catch and the force of the wood knocked him over. He glared at Greg.

Jonathon hopped up and was about to throw a punch when he heard ike calling them to hurry up so the grabbed the wood and ran back

When they got there ashley said "Jonathon what happend to your arm!" looking at the blood all over his arm he said "Oh i tripped over a log"looking at greg

"I did my best to save him"

Ashley gave him a questioning look. Then went back to Jonathon. " Come on lets see if we can get that cleaned up "

Jonathon smiled at her. Greg looked annoyed when he realized he'd just 'helped' Jonathon

So what was wrong?Maybe ashley really did like him!

"Jonathon what really happend?"she said whiel she cleaned up jonathons wound

Jonathon thought about telling her. He looked over at Greg. " I better not " He thought. " She might accuse me of making it up! "

" Nothing " he said " Greg just threw me a log and I was daydreaming or something and didnt' catch it "

"Hmm ok"she said,then she thought 'Yea i bet its more then that though'

"Come on im hungry wanna site with me?"jonathn said smiling

"Cant resist that sure!!!!"she said smiling

As greg watched in jelousy all that giggling from them was starting to get on his nerves

" So what are we eating? " Ashley asked.

Ike gave her a look.

" Nothing tonight. We'll have to try fishing tomorrow or something "

" Oh yeah I thought I heard a river when we were getting wood " Greg said.

" No Dinner? " Ashley said. Her stomach grumbled.

"Ugh"she said

"WAIT!"mk screamed

"Shhhhh"everyone said "Dont scream mk"ike said

"Well me and zac got some granola bars from the plane earlier its just enought for all of us"she said speaking softer

They all cheered

While they were eating jonathon and ash sat together ashley ate hungrily after she finished she licked her fingers while jonathon watched

"Um ashley"he said "Im not to hungry and i can eat in the morning,want mine too?"

She starred at him then the granola bar

It took all her will power but she managed to muster a small.

" No that's ok you eat it you'll need the energy " And somehow managed to tear her eyes away from the morsel of food.

"you sure?"

"Yes"she said sadly and leaned her head on his shoulder


" So you having fun? " Zac asked Mary-Kate.

" Oh Yeah, This is totally my idea of a dream vacation. Being stuck in the Canadian wilderness.! " she said " But at least I'm with you " she smiled.

He smiled they both looked at the fire "Hey ike the fire is getting low ill go get some more wood?"he said

"Yea me 2 ill go"said mk

"Well i dunno" he said "I guess you will be ok sure but if your gone to long we are coming after you!"

" Over protective big brothers " Zac said with a laugh. They started collecting wood. Their laughter soon died though. When they heard the growl of a grizzly bear from very near by.

Chapter 14