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She walked back over to Gregory and they started talking and laughing. Jonathon felt guilty about it, but he didn't believe her. The entire trip she and Gregory had gotten along really well. And were ALWAYS talking. They were practically turning into their characters. The two best friends who secretly really 'liked' each other. He looked around. Kirsten and Ike were practically a couple. Zac and Mary-kate were. Aaron and Haley his baby-sitting charges were best friends. And had been annoying everyone the whole time. He felt very left out...

Hey walked over to ike "Um shouldnt we start its practicly 3:00 not alot of time"

"Yea your right!Come on guys lets get a move on it!"he said commanding orders

Jonathon got aaron and walked to ashley "Hey mind if we walk with yall?"he said eagrly he wanted to make sure him and ashley were together and that gregory didnt make any moves.

ashley replied.........

" Um, Sure " Ashley said. Jonathon thought she didn't look very happy about it. Gregory sure didn't!

"Great"jonathon thought

Gregory mutterd something to himself

"What was that greg"jonathon said "You dont mind if i call u greg"

Aaron could tell this wasnt gonna be and easy trip

" Nothing " Gregory said with a forced smile.

Ashley looked over at Zac and Jonathon. They seemed to be having the time of their life...


" So then the guy said 'Snow use can't remember my name' " Zac said telling mk a joke. They both cracked up...

To bad we werent having as good a time as them she thought

"Hey jontathon why dont you and aaron go check to see how long it will take us and were we are?You dont mind do you"gregory said

"Idont..."before aaron could finish jonthon said "Yes, yes we do mind!You may be older but you cant boss us around"he said glaring at him then he looked at ashley she looked scared he stormed off aaron ran after him

" Wow I didn't know you could get so mad " Aaron said " You really like her huh? "

" Yeah but I doubt you'd know what it's like "

" I do "

" Who do you like? "

" Well, Promise you won't tell anyone "

" Sure! "

" The whole rumor thing about me and hilary was a rumor. But I do REALLY like her! "

"Really?Well i know her sis maybe i can arage for her to come to the set sometime,if u try to get greg away from ashley ok?"

"Sure i think me and haley could manage somethine"he said smiling "But it will be hard"

he said looking at greg and ash they were already close!

" I GOT IT!!! " Aaron said " She's making you jealous. Well why don't you make her jealous back! Arrange to meet hilary's sis. Sometime when we get back. And just let it go from there... "

" That is so 13 year old Logic " Jonathon said. Aaron frowned " But I LIKE IT!!! "

jonathon exclaimed.

"Ok but what till then?" looking at ashley and greg,greg was about to try and hold ashleys hand just then jonathon rushed over and said "Hey ash can i talk to you?" while aaron went over to zac and mk to explain a jonathon

Chapter 13