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" Ouch " Mary-kate groaned.

Being thrown around a cabin like a ping pong ball REALLY hurt.

" Are you ok? " Zac said crawling over to her. He had a small cut on his head but otherwise seemed ok.

" I think so " she groaned " OH no! Where's Ashley? "

" Don't worry I'm ok " Ashley said coming over.

Everyone else is ok. Except for Rick. I think he's broken his leg.....

BY s h l e y \\ w e e t * r e a m z//

"no i havnt!" protested rick. he tried to crawl over to ashley,"oww!", he yelped.

Mary-Kate looked around at all the fallen suitcases, suddenly, she starts searching through the stuff.

"what are you doing?" ashley asks.

Mary-Kate ignores her, untill finally she straitens up, "oh no!" she groans,"i cant find my cell phone!".

Rick stares at her with a smug look on his face,"like its going to work here", waves his arms around.

"your right, but it was worth a shot...". Ashleys stomach growles.

"um...where is the food?" she askes....

" What food? " Rick said " it was a short trip we didn't bring any food. "

They all groaned.

" According to this map " Kirsten said pointing to a map she'd been looking at " and that one " she pointed to a little map thing on the dashboard ( sorry don't know what it would be called ) of the plane. We should be here " she pointed to a spot on the map.

" Good thinking " Rick Said " the map on the plane would have stopped working when the engine gave out so it won't be 100% accurate but close enough "

" There's a town about a days walk from here Isaac said looking over Kirsten's shoulder. " Well, you kids know what you have to do then " Rick said " leave me and get help"....

By Willow

"Oh no, we cannot leave you here all alone!" says Ashley. "You are hurt!" "It is better..we have to get help! And I can make it on my own, come on guys" says Rick.

"Rick, are you absolutely sure???" asks Mary-kate.

"Yes, go on....and be sure to be as quick as you can!" says Rick and he smiles....

"Come on guys we better go we will need all the sunlight we can get"said ike looking out the window

"Zac and marykate get the backpacs and all the water and drinks we have then put them in there.Ashley you took first aid right?"Kristen said

"Yea but i wasnt that good"ashley said

"Who cares try to help his leg"krsten said "Billey and aaron find all the medical supplies you can. And jonathon get whatever else we may need"

They all ran to do what kristen said this was know time to argue about her being to bossy. After they got all the supplies they would need they left the airplane and got ready to start there journey

They were packing up their stuff when a happy cry came from Mary-Kate. She'd been near the back of the plane looking in this little cupboard thing.

" LOOK " she said. Holding up an emergency back with some food in it. " There's probably enough food here to last Rick 3 days. More if he rations it "

"Oh good now he will be ok but i really do think you should have someone stay"ashley said

"Ill stay" said kristen "I mean theyve got plenty of ppls going"

They argued about it for awhile and it was eventually decided that Taylor should stay behind.

That meant the group going on the trip was...









and Aaron

They probably should have left more behind but there was the food problem. The kids going on the expedition planned on trying to find food on the way. Where as the ones at the plane just had the emergency food.

After some good-byes and more planning. They set off...

"ok"said ike "I know yall dont like being bossed but nows not the time to fight ok?"

They all nodded there heads

"All right i want buddies ok two ppls always together ok marykate and zac,ashley and"he paused

Jonathon looked like he was pleading to be picked "Gregory, your with ashley jonathon we need you with aaron as his buddy"jonathon frowned but agreed

"Kristen,haley, and ill stay with them leading ok?"

Ashley walked over to jonathon "Wish we were together"she said giving him a kiss

Chapter 12