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The twins met everyone at the airport.

" Hello everyone I'm your pilot. Rick " the pilot introduced himself.

" Nice to meet you " they all said.

Rick explained that according to their weather charts it was slightly stormy in the mountains. But not so much as to be dangerous. Everyone looked kinda nervous. Once in the air they forgot about their nervousness. Looking at the awesome view below.

" It's amazing " Mary-kate said to Zac who was sitting next to her.

A few minutes later they were reminded of the storm.

Rain pelted against the plane. And the wind caused it to go flying backwards and forwards.

" This is a lot stronger then our weather charts said " rick explained " I think we better turn back "

No sooner had he said that. Then they saw smoke billowing from under one of the wings.

" We've lost an Engine " Rick said sounding very scared.

The Next thing they new the plane was plummeting towards the ground.

They all screamed

Chapter 11