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---By Doug---

At that moment, the phone rang. Ashley picked it up - she was happy to have anything take her mind away from the U.S. states.

"Ashley Olsen, it's Kirsten Durst. The manager for our project gave me your number."

Ashley let out a deep sigh of relief. "Great, I'm just glad you're not calling to ask me if the state capital of Texas is Dallas or Houston, because I can't keep it straight!"

"It's Austin." Ashley lightly slapped her desk. "Anyway, speaking of Texas, that's why I called. I was just down there; remember that story down there a couple months ago of that girl who'd been locked in a closet for four years?"

Ashley vaguely remembered hearing about that. It was one of the saddest stories of neglect she'd heard of. However, it had inspired many presents from across the country. So many gifts had been sent to little Lauren Calhoun and her younger siblings, the relief agency handling them had toys, games, stuffed animals, clothes, books, and other things left over to give every abused and neglected child in that county and several others near it. And, the best news was, Laren was making a miraculous - considered her shape - recovrey. She'd been at the developmental level of a 2-year-old when she was discovered, but 2 months later the 8-year-old had started Kindergarten with a potential adoptive family, and was doing well.

Kirsten said she'd been thinking about that. "Wouldn't it be great if we could collect stuff like that for the children of Los Angeles, and even the whole country?"

Ashley like the idea. "So, some of the proceeds go to help children like that? Sure, we love doing little things like that."

"Actually, I was thinking something more ambitious. Like USA for Africa was in feeding the hungry over there 15 years ago. "In fact, I'd like to get as many stars as we can for parts of this, and maybe do a musical tour in addition to our movie."

Ashley relayed the idea to mary-Kate. "Kirsten, you are a BIG thinker," Ashley commented. "Even bigger than the jumble of states my head is right now.'

mary-kate and Ashley each liked the idea. However, theyhad a slight problem. "What if some of the stars balk at doing this musical tour later? And how in the world can you manage to get dozens of celebrities to go on tour together - USA for Africa was just one performance."

Ashley shrugged. "i don't know, I've got to tackle one momumental problem at a time, and right now that problem is geography. But, when you're young like Kirsten and us, you know anything's possible. Only believe."

---By Melissa---

The sun was rising on a new day at the Olsen home, and Mary-kate and Ashley knew it was going to be a very busy day. Not only would they be meeting with Kirsten to make plans for the fund raisers, they would also be meeting with Hanson to discuss the new sound for the twins latest album.

"Mary-kate! Lets go! We have to be out the door by 7:30, you have an hour for a shower!" Ashley called to her sister, who was still deep in sleep.

Ashley leaned over her sister and yelled "Wake up!" "Ahh! Alright, alright!" Mary-kate moaned as she rolled out of bed. She could always depend on early riser Ashley to be her alarm clock.

An Hour and a half later they were in the center of los angles, in the parking lot of the recording studio. Mary-kate took out a photo she had of the 3 Hanson brothers, and blushed slighty as she looked at Zac "You do still have a crush on him, don't you!" Ashley laughed as Mary-kate insisted the opposite.

They entered the building, and were greeted by 3 very handsome guys.

Mary-kate looked at her outdated picture, and back at the three guys before them.

"H-hi!" Mary-kate said, already feeling weak in the knees. Luckily, Ashley didn't seem to get weak in the knees over Zac Hanson, and introduced them politly. Mary-kate smiled to herself, she couldn't wait to get started on their new cd!

Isaac introduced Ash and Mary-kate to all the people working on the album with them. And showed them around the studio.

Mary-kate noticed that he and Taylor did all the talking leaving Zac to just nod his head every now and then.

'I know how that feels' she thought. Trent had a way of letting his mouth run away with him too. Leaving his younger siblings trying though not suceeding to get a word in

Ashley looked at Mary-Kate and nugded her Mary-Kate knew what she was thinking she stared at her.

After Hanson gave them the tour of the studio the went to discuss the cd. After they talked for a little Mary-Kate looked at her watch,"Oh my gosh its 1:30 we are supposed to meet Kristen at 1:45 we gotta go!"

They raced out the door and to.. um wherever they'd agreed to meet Kirsten let's say the cafe downt the road. They ran as fast as they could and managed to get there exactly on time. They were very relieved to discover that Kirsten was late.

"Phew" Mary-kate said flopping down in one of the booths " I'm tired "

" Me too " Ashley said

Just then...

---By Doug---

...suddenly, Ashley turned. There was what looked like a child in a car seat - but noone was in sight. The car was locked. Since it was pretty hot that day - the weatherman had said the temperature would reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit out in L.A. - she decided to send Mary-Kate for help. "I think Kirsten will understand; I'm going to try to open this door."

Billy Gilman's limo came by. He asked his driver to stop the car. He got out and smiled. "You girls practically have a safecracking kit in your purse with all those hairpins and stuff. What are you doing?"

Ashley got the car opened and pulled out the carseat as she spoke. "Well, this car looked abandoned, and I had to..."" Her face looked as red as a tomato as she gazed at the doll in the car seat. "Oh, it was only a doll."

Mary-Kate, Kirsten, and a policeman came running up to Ashley and Billy as she said this. "A DOLL?"

Ashley couldn't believe she'd done something so foolish. What was worse, she saw a really cute boy coming down the sidewalk. "Well, I just...well, we were planning this fundraiser, and I guess...Boy, was this dumb."

The policeman wiped his chin with the napkin he'd been holding when Mary-Kate and Kirsten found him in the doughnut shop next to their meeting place. "You girls did the right thing, though. If that had been a real baby, it could have been very dangerous for him."

"Well," Ashley said as the four walked to the cafe, "now that that's over, I have two questions. How do we do this fundraisre, and who's that cute boy in front of us?" Well, three? Had he noticed her most embarrassing moment?

( Ok I don't think this is factually right. I'm pretty sure Billy doesn't have a brother but oh well!)

" Oh, hey Jonathon " Billy said " Ashley, Mary-kate, Kirsten this is my big brother Jonathon! "

" Nice to meet you " Ashley mumble inside she was freaking that Jonathon had seen the whole embarassing happening.

" Ah, the famous olsen twins " Jonathon said shaking each of their hands " And to add to their like, 10 movies, 3 tv series, magazines, dolls, cruises.. " He counted them off on his fingers then smiled " Need I go on? Anyway now they're trying to add being heroes to their list?? My my is their anything you don't do? "

Ashley knew her face must be as red as crab. she tried to cover " Nope next thing you know we'll be travelling to the moon! " She smiled.

They all went into the cafe to talk about the plans.

Kirsten explained them to Billy he said he'd have to talk with his manager but definitely wanted to be a part.

"How about I ring up the studio and see if Hanson are still there" Mary-kate asked " If they are I could invite them down and see if they're interested? "

everyone thought it was a good idea so she did.

The guys were still at the studio and agreed to come down.

" We'll be there in a couple of minutes " Isaac who she'd been talking to said.

" K see you then " she said and hung up.

She went back to the table and said they were coming.

" cool " Kirsten said " I used to be a major fan. I still am just with highschool and acting I haven't had much time to keep up with music! Last I heard they'd released snowed in!"

"Wow you are behind " Mary-kate said. Just then the guys walked in.

Mary-kate noticed Kirsten go kind of red and look away when Isaac looked her way.

'Man what is with crushes today? Just look at Ashley and Jonathon!' Neither of the two had stopped smiling since Ash's joke about the moon. And were constantly looking at each other and going red!!

" I was thinking " Mary-kate said after everyone had explained what was going on to the hanson brothers " A world tour is probably gonna cost a lot of money and most artists probably wouldn't be willing to do it. Maybe we should like, just tour the states for now and release a cd? What do you think? "

Chapter 2