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Mary-Kate had slept very peacefully that night. The reunion that had taken place the night before did wonders for her health. Ashley came in an hour after she awoke. She bid good morning to her sister and asked her how she had slept. Ashley brought in a wheelchair and helped Mary-Kate sit down in it. Ashley brought Mary-Kate to the kitchen as Brett was cooking some bacon and eggs.

“Good morning.” Brett smiled.

Mary-Kate stood up. Ashley made a motion to help her, but Mary-Kate waved her hand to show she was all right. She walked over to Brett and put her arms around him and gave him a good morning kiss.

“Someone sure is getting their strength back.” Brett smiled.

Annick and Marc-Andre walked into the room together, with an arm around eachother’s waist. They kissed and sat down at the kitchen table.

“What’s cooking?” Annick asked.

“My breakfast.” Brett answered.

“What about me?” Mary-Kate pouted. She gave him a sad puppy face.

“No!” Brett yelled, “Not the sad puppy face! AHHH… oh alright. Mary-Kate’s breakfast too.”

“Oh Brett…” Ashley said

He turned around to find Ashley doing a similar face. He had a little more resistance but soon gave in and was cooking Ashley’s breakfast.

“Brett?” Annick smirked.

“Oh no! Not this time!” Brett said as he went to get Marc-Andre from the kitchen table. “You’re girlfriend, you’re job.” He said to Marc-Andre as he put two eggs in his hands.

“So I guess you won’t cook my breakfast either?” Marc-Andre joked.

Everyone laughed. They were all amazed on how good it felt to finally laugh after such a long time of hardship. They started to enjoy their breakfasts.

“So, Annick,” Brett said, “You’ve been keeping a good eye on Marc-Andre for me. Hope he hasn’t been a handful.”

“He was perfectly behaved.” Annick replied.

“Are you sure you were watching the right Marc-Andre?” Ashley said.

“You mean he’s multiplying?” Mary-Kate added.

“Why is everyone picking on me? I was just sitting here enjoying my breakfast peacefully…” Marc-Andre trailed off.

“Ashley started it!” Mary-Kate said innocently.

“I did…” Ashley instinctively started to protest. She was started to look back at the conversation. She sat back down and said, “I did!” Everyone laughed again.

“Hey, Marc-Andre, guess who I saw in Arcadia.” Brett said.

“Who?” Marc-Andre asked wondering whom Brett could have seen.

“Wallace, my old blacksmith teacher.” Brett smiled. “He helped me hide from the guards and it was because of him that I found Ashley.” He said as he patted Ashley’s hand.

“A toast!” Annick said. “To old friends!”

“Here! here!” Everyone cheered as they all tapped their glasses together.

“I’m glad to see you all enjoying yourselves on this fine morning.” Queen Michelle walked in.

Everyone stood up as she came in as a sign of respect.

“Please be seated. It’s too early to be royalty.” She laughed.

“Would you like me to cook you anything?” Brett offered.

“Whatever you are all having will be fine.” Queen Michelle replied. “You’re father could learn a thing or two about this young man.” She said in a low tone to Annick. Annick giggled a bit.

Chapter 28
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