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Things weren’t looking good in Arcadia. There wasn’t any way for Brett and Ashley to escape, it wouldn’t be long until someone noticed she was gone.

“This is not good.” Brett said. “We need a distraction of some kind.”

“Do you have anything in mind?” Ashley asked him.

“Well, I was thinking of walking up to a guard and say HEY! LOOK OVER THERE!” Brett said sarcastically.

“You don’t have to be mean.” Ashley pouted.

“I’m sorry.” Brett said. “What are we going to do?” he wondered.

Ashley noticed two guards walking around, one was a little shorter than the other. This gave her an idea. “Hey Brett, how about…” she told him the plan she had.

After Ashley told him the plan, Brett smiled. “Girl, you are a genius.”

Ashley smirked. “I know.”

“Stay here.” Brett said. “We can’t risk anyone seeing you.”

Ashley nodded.

Brett sneaked out of the bushes and walked up behind the two guards. He knocked them both out with a rock he found nearby. Both unconscious guards were dragged into the bush.

Brett and Ashley walked out in brand new, but slightly used, guard uniforms. They started walking towards the gate with Ashley trying to hide her face so she wouldn’t be recognized.

They made it to the gate of the kingdom, but were stopped by the guards there. They were asked where they were going and a few other questions. Brett made everything up. After a few tense minutes, the guard at the gate let them pass.

“That was way too close.” Ashley said.

After they were out of sight of the guards in the towers, they began to run through the trees towards where Brett left his horse. When they got there, all they found was the reins.

“They look cut.” Ashley said.

Brett just grumbled. “Now we have to walk all the way back.”

“I think I heard something over there.” Ashley said.

Brett listened closely and he could hear people approaching. He and Ashley started running once again towards Hresna.

Brett looked up to the sky “Alright, I won’t complain anymore.” He said.

“What?” Ashley asked.

“Nothing.” Brett said as he ran.

Chapter 26
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