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Mary-Kate stood at the gates and watched him, saying a silent prayer as he left. She made her way back to the throne room with a sad expression on her face. She sat down on a chair without saying a word or making any noise.

A guard came in to the throne room and knelt in front of the king.

“What is it?” The king asked.

“Sire, we have completed our searches of the castle walls and tunnels. We have located a hole in our wall in a remote area of the castle. Masons are fixing it now as well as re-enforcing the entire wall.” The guard reported.

“Good.” The king replied.

“I also regret to report that we have not found the missing citizens that went missing last night.” He said.

Mary-Kate finally broke down and cried. Marc-Andre and Annick went over to her. Annick took her arm and they moved towards the door.

“I’m going to take her into another room for a little girl-talk.” Annick said as she headed out the door. Marc-Andre got the hint and went to the map of the kingdom to do some planning.

Mary-Kate and Annick went into Annick’s bedroom. They both sat down on the bed to do some talking. Mary-Kate had calmed down a little bit, but still had tears coming down. Annick gave her a hug and then started the conversation.

“How are you doing?” Annick asked.

“How do you think I am doing?” She said. “My boyfriend is gone on a very dangerous mission, my kingdom has been invaded and my sister has been kidnapped by someone and I don’t know how she is or if she’s still alive!” She said in one breath. Reminding herself of her problems only made her cry again.

Annick chose her next words carefully. She put her hand on Mary-Kate’s shoulder. “I know it’s hard, but you have to be strong. You have to be strong for Marc-Andre.”

Mary-Kate looked up at Annick. “Why? He doesn’t need it.”

“I know it may look that way, but he’s hurting inside too.” Annick said. “He lost the same kingdom you did, Ashley is his sister too and he is also worried about Brett. They are best friends and, from what I hear, it’s the first time they face a danger seperately.”

“I never thought of that.” Mary-Kate said. She looked up at Annick thankfully and said “I’ll try to be stronger.”

“Don’t forget, it’s still ok to cry when you need it.” Annick smiled.

Mary-Kate nodded and they both returned to the throne room. Annick went and gave Marc-Andre a kiss. The signs of stress were starting to show. He didn’t smile as much as he used too, although Annick could always put a smile on his face.

Mary-Kate gave her brother a big hug and smiled up at him. He put his arm around her and Annick under his other arm. It was now Marc-Andre’s turn to smile.

Chapter 22
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