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The two men joined most of the army at the front gates. Since a big part of the armed forces were out scouting for a new outpost, only half of the army was left to guard the kingdom.

Brett and Marc-Andre walked out between the two armies to converse with the leaders of the enemy forces. They were dressed in black and had black dragons on their flags with a red background. The two warriors waited for the enemy leaders to arrive.

“This doesn’t look good.” Brett said to Marc-Andre without taking his eyes off the enemy. Marc-Andre nodded in agreement.

Once the leader of the opposing army reached them, Marc-Andre started the discussions. “We both know why you are here. I only want to know if there is a way we can avoid any bloodshed.”

The lead soldiers looked at his partner and then back to Marc-Andre and Brett.

“I’m taking that as a no.” Brett said. “Why do you people make it your mission to kill everyone and destroy everything?”

The two dark soldiers didn’t give an answer nor make any movements. Once again they simply stood and watched Brett and Marc-Andre. This worried the two Arcadians, as they were only a fraction of the army and no support. They were outnumbered three to one.

Brett and Marc-Andre simply turned around and headed back to their army to prepare for the coming battle. They were both trying to think of a plan to give them the advantage in this hopeless fight.

“What do you think our chances are against this army?” Brett asked.

“Considering they have every advantage, are at full strength and live to fight… I’d say about a million to one.” Marc-Andre answered with a sigh.

“So there’s still a chance.” Brett said as he looked over to his friend. “We have to keep up hope.”

Marc-Andre turned to face his army. “Divisions two and five, come with me to defend the castle. The rest of you will stay at the gates and hold them off as long as possible. Fight bravely and God be with you.”

The prince, the knight and the two divisions got to the castle as the dark army broke through the gates. The Arcadians worked quickly to put the defenses in place. Mary-Kate and Ashley had taken shelter in the throne room with the King and Queen.

Marc-Andre reported the status to the King and joined Brett at the Castle walls. All of the sounds of the fighting had stopped on the other side and all was quiet. The defenders thought the dark army had gotten what they came for and had turned back.

From the silenced emerged large thumps. No one could tell where the noises were coming from. They got louder and faster but they were still untraceable. Before they could find the source of the thumping, the left wall collapsed and dark soldiers rushed into the castle walls.

“ATTACK!!” Brett yelled. He grabbed Marc-Andre’s arm “Not you. You are going to join your family. My duty is to protect you and the only way for me to truly do that is to have you in a safe location.”

“The only way I am going is if you come with me. We’ve always fought side by side and we’re not going to stop now.” Marc-Andre said.

Both of them ran into the castle and into the throne room. All they could do was wait.

Chapter 3
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