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Brett walked over to her, gave her a kiss and walked out the door to find Marc-Andre.

Mary-Kate went and got a cloth from a cupboard and filled a bowl with warm water to clean Ashley’s cut. When she got back, Ashley was just waking up.

“Ow.” She moaned. “My head...”

“Ashley, are you ok?” Mary-Kate said as she rushed to her sister’s side. He soaked the rag and put it on the wound.

“Owwww.” Ashley said as she felt the cloth hit the wound.

“Quit being such a baby, it’s just a cut.” Mary-Kate said.

“By the way,” Ashley looked up at her sister. “I’m happy about you and Brett.” And smiled.

“Thanks sis. I just hope Marc-Andre can someday feel the same way as you do.” Mary-Kate said.

“Just give him time.” Ashley said.

Brett was walking around, looking for Marc-Andre. He was very mad at Marc-Andre for the way had acted and what he had done to Ashley, but there was so much going on that he couldn’t really blame him. Brett found Marc-Andre skipping stones by the river.

Brett picked up a stone and threw it over the river. It skipped a few times before sinking to the bottom. Marc-Andre spun around to see who it was. When he saw Brett, he turned to run.

Brett caught him by the arm to stop him. “No. No more running away. We have to work this problem out.”

Marc-Andre stopped and looked at Brett and then across the river. “I’m sorry.” He said returning his gaze to Brett. “I just felt threatened for some reason.”

“What?!” Brett exclaimed. “Why would you feel threatened by my going out with Mary-Kate?”

Marc-Andre looked across the river once again, feeling stupid for what he had felt earlier. “I felt like I was going to lose my sister. I already lost my parents and my kingdom. I didn’t want to lose Mary-Kate, too.” He turned to face across the river.

Brett walked up and put a hand on Marc-Andre’s shoulder. “I would never take Mary-Kate away from you. I will always be by your side when you need me and so will Mary-Kate.”

He looked at Brett. “I made a fool of myself today.”

Brett looked at him with a smile. “No. You showed just how much you care, and made our friendship stronger.” It was getting very dark. “Let’s get back to the Inn.”

The four Arcadians spent a quiet night together at the Inn.

Chapter 16
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