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After the hour was up, they met in front of the castle. They returned to see the King and Queen to discuss about the preparations for the Hresnan army. Brett brought up an interesting question.

“While I was by the river, I did a lot of thinking.” He started, “If our army, whom were all trained since they were eighteen, could not defeat them, how do we expect some fresh recruits to pull it off?”

“We hope to have strength in numbers.” King Sebastian said.

Marc-Andre didn’t like the idea of sending freshly trained men into a rigorous battle for something they didn’t believe them. Moral and motivation play a crucial part in a fight.

“Before anything is decided, I have a request.” Marc-Andre said.

“What is it?” King Sebastian asked.

Marc-Andre looked at Brett and nodded. They had discussed the request during their free time after Ashley and Mary-Kate had left to see the market place.

“We ask that if anything happens to Marc-Andre and I, Mary-Kate and Ashley would be able to live here. We ask that it be in the castle, but anywhere will do, as long as they are safe and happy.” Brett said.

Ashley turned to Marc-Andre. Before she could say anything he said “I need to know you’ll be ok if something happens to me.”

“Same for you, Mary-Kate.” Brett said.

“What is your decision?” Marc-Andre asked.

“We will grant you this request.” Queen Michelle said. “I will treat them as daughters.”

This guaranteed a good life for Mary-Kate and Ashley no matter what the outcome of the battle was. Now, the task at hand is to train the troops and take back Arcadia.

“It is late, we should continue tomorrow.” King Sebastian said. “We have arranged rooms for you at the local inn. We apologize for not having any rooms in the castle to accommodate you.”

“It’s ok.” Marc-Andre said. “We can spend a few nights at the inn. Compared to the last week, it’s the best we can hope for.”

Brett whispered to Marc-Andre “How can they not have a free room in a castle like this?” He started to have his doubts about the King. Why would he help them get their kingdom back without asking anything in return and not give them a room in the castle to sleep in, which is customary for royal guests.

“I don’t know, but let’s not make a scene. They are giving us a lot for nothing here.” Marc-Andre said, “But let’s keep our eyes open.” He added.

Chapter 13
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