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They took Marc-Andre to a cell in the dungeon. Brett was taken to an unknown location. The guards pushed Marc-Andre into the dark dungeon. He was walked through the hallway, passing cells filled with people crying for freedom. A wall of hands peered from the cells on both sides, begging for food or water.

He was then thrown into a cell with force. They closed the cell door before Marc-Andre had a chance to escape. He slammed the door with his fist and yelled out in frustration.

“Where have you taken my friend?” He yelled. “Answer me!”

“Marc-Andre?” a voice said from behind him. This voice was very familiar and he had a good idea of who it was. Not to get his hopes up, he turned around before jumping to conclusions. The events in the past week had been nothing but one misfortune after another.

He turned to find Ashley and Mary-Kate sitting on a bench. He ran and hugged them both tightly. He had been so afraid that they had been hurt, or worse. He looked them over to make sure they weren’t hurt. They were a little cold, but all in all they were fine.

“I’m so glad you’re both ok.” He said with a smile.

“So are we.” Mary-Kate said. “Where’s Brett?” she asked with concern. Last time she saw him, he was lying on the ground in the forest.

“He’s alive, or at least I think he is. These days I don’t know what to think.” Marc-Andre said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mary-Kate asked nervously.

“When we woke up in the forest and noticed you were both missing, we decided to come to the castle to find some answers. We made it as far as the market place before a pack of guards stopped us. They took me here and took Brett somewhere else.” Marc-Andre explained.

“I hope he’s ok.” Mary-Kate said.

“Brett can take care of himself.” Ashley said. It was now her turn to play the strong one. But, inside, she was also worried for Brett.

“There’s got to be something we can do.” Marc-Andre said. He looked around for means of escape to help his friend.

“We’ve checked. This dungeon is well built.” Ashley said. “All we can do is wait.”

Marc-Andre continued to look around. “I’m not going to take this sitting down. I will keep looking until we get out of here.”

After an hour of looking for a fault in the cell, Marc-Andre took a break from trying to escape. He sat down and rethought things through. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse. In the last week he had lost kingdom his and took a long journey to a kingdom, only to be thrown in a cell.

Mary-Kate was taking a nap and Ashley was drawing on the wall. She had a remarkable artistic talent unparalleled in the kingdom. Her drawing was that of a bouquet of flowers. It reminded her of happier times. Picking flowers was the last thing she did before the kingdom was overrun.

A ruckus came from the dungeon entrance due to a new visitor to the collective of prisoners. Two guards dragged the new inmate down the same hall with the wall of hands reaching out from each side. They stopped and opened the cell door where Mary-Kate, Marc-Andre and Ashley were being held. They through the man in and closed the door.

“It’s Brett!” Mary-Kate said. She rushed down to take a closer look at his injuries. “Brett can you hear me?”

Brett’s head shifted from side to side as he struggled to regain consciousness. He opened his eyes to find Mary-Kate looking down at him. “Hey, bright eyes.” Brett smiled weakly at Mary-Kate.

“Hey yourself.” She smiled back.

Marc-Andre helped Brett up and sat him down on the bench near the far wall. Brett’s head was spinning and he had trouble walking in a straight line.

“What happened to you?” Ashley asked.

“I was taken to a strange room. They interrogated me for hours with the same questions. When I snapped, I started to beat one of the interrogators. Two guards came in a knocked me out, and here I am.” Brett explained. “This is what? The third or fourth time I’ve been knocked out? I am getting sick of this.” He added.

They spent the night in the cold, damp cell. None of them got much sleep that night as they all tried to figure out a way to escape.

The cell door opened, surprising the four occupants of the cell. They hadn’t noticed the guard walking down the hallway.

“The King wants to speak to you.” The guard said in a flat tone.

“Are you guys going to knock me out or can I actually walk this time?” Brett said sarcastically.

Chapter 11
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