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Sam came to visit for a couple of days. While he was there, Mary-Kate was truly happy for the first time in so long, but like all good it things it soon came to an end. Sam's bus left late in the afternoon, the day before Mary-Kate's first day at school. As she watched the bus drive away, Mary-Kate felt all her hope go with it.

Her life was like a bleak, empty highway. She didn't know who to turn to, or what to do.


No matter how much she wished it wouldn't, Mary-Kate's first day at school came.

"Did you see the new girls?" The gossip was buzzing around the school, almost like a disease. Did they honestly think Mary-Kate couldn't hear them?

"I hate this" Mary-Kaet muttered to Ashley as they walked down the school halls for the first time, early on a Monday.

Where Mary-Kate's eyes were downcast, Ashley's were bright and looking at everything with interes. She always did like new places and new things.

"Look at it this way" Ashley said as she waved at a cute guy "It can't be as bad as our last school"

Mary-Kate had to agree with her there.


Finally the hideous school day drew to an end. It was a truly hideous day, which brought back memories of even worse days. By the time she got home she was emotionally and physically exhausted, and fighting back tears.

"Mrs. Brown called" Her mother greeted her at the door.

"She did?" Mary-Kate hung up her jacket and dropped her bag on the floor next to the door "What did she want?"

"She wanted you to go over there this afternoon and tell her about your first day at school. And pick up your bag young lady!" Her mother scolded.

Mary-Kate obeyed with a sigh, she then put on her jacket again and headed for Edith Brown's.


Edith saw Mary-Kate leave her house and climb the small hill up to her house. 'She looks tired. Poor thing.' Edith thought to herself 'The kids must have been pretty harsh'

There was a knock at the door and Edith slowly made her way to it and opened it. She smiled at Mary-Kate and motioned for her to come in.


"It was hideous" Mary-Kate explained, starting to cry.

"Oh, Honey, the first days are never easy, it'll get better" Edith said patting her hand.

Mary-Kate shook her head and sniffed "I don't think so. The kids just don't accept me." She lowered her head and mumbled something to herself "You'd have though Mum and Dad would finally let me homeschool"

Edith may have been old, but her hearing was as sharp as ever "What do you mean?" She asked gently.

Mary-Kate looked up at her, tears sparkling in her eyes, she glanced down at her hands scratching at the chipped pink nail polish which covered them. "Oh, nothing" She said quietly.

Edith didn't believe her "Please honey. You can tell me"

Mary-Kate took a deep breath and prepared to spill.


Chapter 5