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The Old lady breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the two girls taking a shortcut across the damp grass and walking toward her. Their coming to her would save her a lot of walking, something she really didn't feel she had the strength for.

"Hello Girls!" She said with a smile when they reached her. She breathed a sigh of relief to be able to stop walking, and leaned on her walker heavily.

"Hi!" The shorter of the two said smiling happily. "I'm Mary-Kate and this is my sister Ashley" she said motioning to Ashley. Unlike Ashley who looked bored and like she wanted to be anywhere but there, Mary-Kate was smiling happily and seemed genuinely happy to be talking to her.

"I'm Edith Brown" She said with a smile. "Pleased to make your acquaintance" she said. "Would you like to join me for some tea?" She asked motioning to her house.

"We'd love to!" Mary-Kate was still smiling, her smile was truly beautiful.

The look Ashley shot Mary-Kate was not lost on Edith but it was however on Mary-Kate. She just took her sisters hand and pulled her toward the house.

"Can I help you there?" Mary-Kate asked Edith as she staggered up the slope.

"That's ok Dear, Thank-you anyway" 'Such a polite young girl' she thought to herself 'a nice refreshing break from most youth of today.'


Mary-Kate glanced around the room, feeling a pang of sadness at the sad site. The entire house was in disrepair. And judging from the Edith's health, she was unable to do it.

Mary-Kate spotted a photo frame on a nearby table. "Is that your daughter?" She asked pointing to the young girl in the black and white photo.

Edith's face clouded "Yes" She said sadly "But I haven't really seen her in 20 years"

"I'm so sorry, that must be horrible" Mary-Kate said sadly.

She glanced around the room some more, there were no other photos, so she guessed other then her daughter, Edith had no family. She was extremely saddened by the thought. And really wanted to help.

She realized there was no firewood by the fire, she'd seen some near the house but doubted Edith could get it herself. "Would you like me to bring some wood in for you?" She asked

Edith smiled happily "That would be wonderful" She said with a smile.


Over the following week Mary-Kate helped Edith out with all kind of things. She got wood for Edith every week and had offered to do some painting around the house and stuff, she couldn't do the entire house but she could at least do the fence.

She was extremely nervous about school which was starting soon.

And she was also extremely curious about Ediths daughter. Why hadn't she seen her for so long? Every time Mary-Kate brought up the subject, Edith's face would sadden and she'd change the subject.

Mary-Kate was extremely curious!

Chapter 4