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"What happened back there?" David asked as they stepped off the dance floor.

"I'm sorry. I was kind of pre-occupied."

"With what?"

Ashley spotted Mary-Kate "I gotta talk to Mary-Kate" and with that she ran off.


"What do you mean you were trying to helo me?" Ashley asked angrily

"You hung up on him. He snapped at you! Big deal! You were acting like babies and ruining a great relationship! I helped out a little!"

"By lieing to both of us!"

"Well, yeah. But-"

"Forget it!" Ashley yelled and stormed off.

David appeared "I... uh, overheard" he said simply.

"I guess you're mad at me too?"

"No" He said shaking his head "Don't worry about Ashley. You were only trying to help. She'll see that" He patter her on the shoulder then went to find Ashley.

10: forgiveness

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