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"Where are you going?" Ashley asked as Mary-Kate grabbed her coat.


"Yes I know that. But, where?"

"Nowhere you need to know about" Mary-Kate said then left.

"Touche" Ashley said to the closed door. She started up the stairs then stopped half way up. "Hey! She didn't ask if she could borrow my clothes!" She shrugged then continued up the stairs.


Mary-Kate checked her make-up one last time "Yup, I'd pass for Ashley" She decided then went into the McDonalds. She looked around and spotted the person she was looking for.

"Hey" She said slipping into the seat opposite from him.

David looked up from his milkshake. "Hey" He said sadly.

"Listen I'm sorry about how I acted it was kind of unfair. I'm not usually like that" She said sincerely 'Nor do I usually decieve my twins boyfriend into thinking I'm her!

"Yeah, I'm sorry for the way I acted too"

"I hope it won't affect our relationship"

"Nah, he said with a smile "I'll forgive you if you'll forgive me"


"I'm glad we talked that out" Mary-Kate said later that night.

"Me too" David said as he parked the car outside Mary-Kate's house.

"Lets not bring it up again" She suggested 'That way my sister will never know I did this' she thought.


"Well, see you later" She said opening the door.

"Bye" he said cupping her face he kissed her.

Mary-Kate kissed him back for the plain fact that she was supposed to be Ashley. But warning bells went off in her head.


She gently pulled back "bye" she said quietly brushing her hand through his hair. 'Oh Man, he's cute!' She thought.

WARNING!: Sisters Boyfriend!

The voices yelled. She climbed out of the car and walked to the door. Waving one last time before going inside.


"Oh, Mary-Kate" Ashley cried running into the room. She threw her arms around her sister "What was I thinking? I didn't want to break up with him!" She sobbed.

Mary-Kate smiled and patted Ashley's back "Don't worry about it"

Ashley pulled back "But,.." She sniffled.

Mary-Kate started up the stairs "He's not dumb" She smiled reassuringly then went into their room.

7: Get another boyfriend

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